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I have recently changed my faith from being a Christian (which is what my mom was brought up as, and is trying to bring me up as) to being Kabbalah. I do not agree with Christian beliefs as much as I know I should to be a member of that church. I agree much more with the teachings and beliefs of Kabbalah. The problem is, my mom thinks I am only doing this to get out of going to church, so I can “sleep in” or whatever. Which is not the case. And when I try to argue my side of it, she cuts me off, or doesn’t listen to what I say. Or ridicules me for my arguments. I am getting really tired of it, and it is making me lose respect for my mother. The problem is, I am only 14 and I know that I have to listen to her and go to church until I am 18. I just can’t stand it anymore, honestly. I am getting fed up with the whole Catholic church, after learning many things that they have done, present day to history. I’ve tried every argument I can possibly think of, but with no avail. Please help!

xxx thanks:))
Look…. I’m not asking you to tell me that my religion is wrong, or what I believe is wrong, and trying to convince me otherwise. This is exactly why I am trying to get out of this religion. You believe that you are the best, and that everyone else has to believe what you do, and that I am wrong for what I believe. Yeah, all religions want more members, try to convince people to join theirs, but the Catholic church really goes above and beyond with brainwashing people and harassing people to become their religion. Thanks a lot for reinforcing my decision.
Oh dear God people…. really? Now I’m going to hell for not believing what my mother does. I’m not a bad person, I do believe in God, maybe you should do some research on the religion then come back to me and tell me what it’s really about. Hmmm? It is not a “fashion religion”, why, Christianity could be called a fashion religion, any religion could depending if you flaunt what religion you are, show it off, feel better than other people because you are that religion. This is getting ridiculous.

learn and to practice.. this branch of the judaism.. plz tell me more about it… and rituals.. I knowww kabbalah follows the OT..

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Has anyone received a Violation on Religion and Spirituality because you voiced your opinion?

I’ve heard many have. Is this isolated or rampant?

Does this mean we have to censor our thoughts and be politically correct? i thought we were here to speak the truth, kindly, as we see it.

Thank you.

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Were because of Kabbalah? I have often heard of Kabbalah being referred to as Jewish mysticism. Is it thought that Elijah performed these miracles by Kabbalah according to Judaism? Peace and blessings to you! :-)
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Wecome back, we missed you!:-)

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