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HQ: This is a replay of a battle in Final Fantasy: Dissidia. Both are in Level 1. ————————— Replay de uno de mis combates del FF: Dissidia… Tanto Kuja como Sephiroth están en nivel 1.

The battle with Asch

Battle with Omega Metempsychos…

Hi there, I noticed that not many people have attempted Zohar’s arrangement yet, so I thought I’d try’s quite difficult!!! Not just technically, but you do start to get fatigued after playing it a few times! If you know the Zohar arrangement well, you’ll notice I changed a few little details, to make it more similar to the ingame version :) I learnt this in about an hour-ish, then decided to record, cause I’d just get more tired if I practised it more. There are a few little blemishes, and I may upload another version in the future….enjoy! Oh, and for some reason, I decided to go with a blisteringly fast tempo…just to make it harder for myself :)

Aired November 27, 2009 on C4 – Unreported World travels to Israel to reveal how the rapid growth of Jewish “fundamentalists” is creating tension within Israeli society and endangering any negotiations on a peace deal with the Palestinians. Reporter Evan Williams and director Alex Nott visit the Mea Sharim district of Jerusalem, the heartland of ultra-Orthodox Jews known as the Haredi, or “those who fear God”.

The ultimate battle with super sonic and super shadow

English/Ingles: Well here you have a video of this game, I might engage in order to upload videos and if someone wants something specific as a secondary mission, or something of the story if you tell me I try to upload it ^^, I hope you enjoy it ^^. Please, Watch in High Quality. Spanish/Español: Bueno aqui teneis un video sobre este juego, posiblemente me dedique a subir videos de pedidos y si alguien quiere algo en concreto como una mision secundaria o algo parte de la historia si me lo pide lo subire ^^, espero que os guste ^^. Verlo en calidad alta.

This is the fight from Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, with the Unknown, in Hollow Bastion.This was subbed by a translation from GameFAQs

Kingdom Hearts 2 – Xemnas Final Battle The last boss of the game, and avoid the attack that drains life of sora

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