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im not in the least denying god’s existance and how good he is to almost all of us (whether we realize or not) . But what im getting at is, did god plan something for us after death? or are the blessings we get in this life the end?

Christians have a concept of heaven and hell, but from what I’ve heard Judaism neither mentions hell nor does it really refer to the afterlife at all.

So does that mean everyone goes to the same place?

I have to do a project on judaism and i’d appreciate the help. PLEASE include a website/book as your source :)

i know it doesnt mention a lot bc it’s more about life than death. so is there anything at all about afterlife?
yeah seems like many totally different ideas are written down.

I know there is an “afterlife” because King David himself says so in Psalm 23 “…I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever”. So can someone explain to me what is the jewish view of life after here on Earth, according to Judaism?
How come there is no solid view in Judaism? Surely afterlife must be important, I mean its eternity.

I asked a minute ago about hell in Jewish theology and got back a lot of nebulous answers. I’m assuming, naively, that there are divisions within Judaism. Sorry if that’s a stupid assumption. If it’s not stupid, and there are different flavors, are there any with clear ideas about the afterlife, specifically concerning eternal torment? Please cite sources.

Jewish beliefs of the afterlife

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