This is supposed to be a Religion and spirituality section, but yet I see atheists bashing Christians here all the time?

If the dont believe in god, why do they waste their time to come to the Religion section?

23 Responses to “Why Are Atheists Here in Religion and Spirituality?”

  • Gazoo:

    The last time we left you guys go totally unchallenged we got the Dark Ages. We’d just like to avoid a repeat.

  • Christof Probst:

    We’re here to discuss religion and spirituality – and answer questions directed towards us like this one (which is asked dozens of times every day).

    Why are you here? If you want a place where you can agree with like-minded individuals that you’re correct with no danger of anyone challenging your beliefs, that’s call a “church”.

  • Hell-py New Year:

    To drink every time this Q is asked

  • PragueGuy:

    We’re here to help.

  • Paul B:

    We get a discount at the bar here.


  • Rev. Crispy Fried Jesus wings:

    the cat section threw us out.

  • Doc ★Atheist★:

    If you believe in God, then why the need to debate Atheists ? You’d think you would be happy that you have secured your place in Heaven lol.

  • hey, that's me:

    They have nothing better to talk about. I think for the most part, they come here to learn about Christianity. Atheists aren’t really people who don’t believe in God, they’re just lost and confused as to which path to take.

  • suzanne:

    Atheism is still a belief system about what happens (or not) after death.

  • Parrot:

    1) Because this is an interesting subject.
    2) Because you don’t have to agree with something to have an opinion about it, the same way you don’t have to be a Democrat to have an opinion about Obama.
    3) Because in the United States, religion affects everyone whether you’re religious or not.
    4) Because it’s possible to enjoy studying something even if you don’t believe it to be true, the same way you can enjoy studying Greek mythology without worshipping Zeus.

  • B K:

    This is where people post questions on the subject of Religion and Spirituality. It’s not a Christian forum. Yahoo Answers is for everybody, regardless of religion or lack thereof. If you want to talk to only Christians, you are in the wrong place. Try a Christian forum (or a church).

    Atheists have as much right to ask questions about religion as anyone else, or don’t you believe in freedom of speech?

  • gibbonboy - flying moon monkey:

    Its far too early for drinking games isn’t it?

    Oh well….*pours a Jim Beam on the rocks*

  • gutbucket:

    Because we love people who ask questions like yours.

  • Black Mack:

    Oh! You have it completely the wrong way around, fellow.

    Religious people have no business coming here while they have holy books with all the answers they should ever want or need.

    Is your holy book faulty?

  • odampully:

    That is the decision of Yahoo. It is good because, without arguments, no improvements will take place.

  • BOB:

    The atheists that come here are really seeking the truth and will eventually convert to some religion by the time they are 30. It seems to be a popular thing for kids to call themselves these days, probably because of the drugs and music they listen to.

  • Enlightenment Acquired:

    I like to study retarded people for my degree…

  • Sage:

    AH So ignorant of what an atheist is but like a true modern christian so full of intolerance, hatred, bigotry and persecution for them!!

    No wonder christianity has lost over ten percent in less than a decade and the loss is accelerating!!

    ATHEIST – someone who does not believe in a God – any God – not just the Christian one. But that does not mean they do not hold strong moral or religious beliefs! They can follow any religion that does not have a god and there are a lot of those!!

    Like BUDDHISM – Religious teaching from Buddha and his followers that by destroying greed, hatred and delusion (the cause of all suffering) man can attain perfect enlightenment!!

    Where do you think christianity got it’s ideas of a soul and afterlife from for goodness sake?

    They stole it from the pagan tribes and peoples which existed hundreds and thousands of years before christianity!!

    From the stone age through vikings, Egyptians, Maoris, Aborigines, American Indians and especially the chinese, they all had elaborate funerals and grave goods to speed the soul into the next life with comfort!!

    But thank you for another post that proves that Christianities’ problems are not about atheists, belief, God or Jesus but about the intolerance, hatred and persecution from those terribly BAD Christian attitudes and conduct!!

    If only Christians could rediscover the idea of a loving god and start acting like it the problem would cease!!!!

    But of course until their attitudes change christianity will increasingly get called the “Nasty Religion”!!

  • Tomo:

    This is a section to discuss religion and spirituality – it is not a section for the religious and spiritual.

  • magpieix A.C.T.U.S.:

    Well, someone has to be here to answer this question the 120 times a day it’s asked.

  • Ask:

    God isn’t the only thing to believe in, you just showed how arrogant AND intolerant you are, Mister.

  • lainiebsky:

    This is the section for discussion of subjects within the general topic of religion and spirituality. Atheism is one of those subjects. Atheism is a position on religion, not a position on cooking techniques. Some of us studied religion in great depth before concluding that it wasn’t true, and we know quite a bit about the topic.

    I don’t know what gives believers the idea that they’re the only ones allowed to discuss topics related to religion.

  • accybeme:

    Its called freedom of speech
    Because you have got a point of view
    And someone else disagrees with it
    The answer is to ban them
    What a sad world that would be

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