Has anyone received a Violation on Religion and Spirituality because you voiced your opinion?

I’ve heard many have. Is this isolated or rampant?

Does this mean we have to censor our thoughts and be politically correct? i thought we were here to speak the truth, kindly, as we see it.

Thank you.

42 Responses to “Has anyone received a Violation on Religion and Spirituality because you voiced your opinion?”

  • d4nnyb0y02:

    Many times. Reported by those who say they detest reporting too. Imagine that.

  • Solly Llama NOR★CAL R&S:

    Nearly all my VNs are for my opinions.

    Deal with it. Y!A is a game where you get one life. When you lose your life, you start over. Quit fretting – your points are worthless, and cost you nothing.

  • Lonesome Polecat:

    Well yeah. Duh!

  • smoking frog:

    you are new to R&S arent ya?

  • Martin (atheist):

    Yes, but the appeals have all went through if that is all I did was voice an opinion. I recieved violations that stuck because I violated TOS though :D .

  • Silent:

    Yes, on three occasions that I can recall. I never actually cared enough to figure out how to appeal them, though.

  • 1 eye dog:

    Oh yes over and over sometimes it feels
    And when I look at why I kind of
    Scratch my head wondering
    Why with a big “?” at the end

  • Anonnie Mouse:

    I have a few times, but usually for sarcastic answers so I sort of expected it.

  • David W:

    not in this section i haven’t and ive said bad things about Christians, i did in the history once

  • Toke Lover:

    If you have read the TOS, then you have to keep opinions related to the question, not insulting, and Yamster forbid, resembling chat.

    If you do that, the report monkeys don’t have any ammo to shoot down your answer.

    Oh yeah, and avoid the rant.

  • Subject to change without notice:

    I have. but then I can be an ass sometimes, depending on how stupid the question is.

  • Loki's love child:William:

    *raises hand*

  • MaidinKent:

    I have. It doesn’t bother me though. It makes me smile to think that I must have hit the target and that someone thinks I won’t be able to feed my family if I lose points!

  • Highway:

    Yes and within the guidelines of the policy. If you are looking for a fair and even policy enforcement then you have the wrong expectations here.

    This place has a policy that is not uniformly enforced due to the popularity contest called “moderation of the masses”.

    Many users create multiple accounts to get their way around here. Many of the atheists you’ll see make “sock puppets” to manipulate the system. It is their “mature” way of being “right”.

  • Shaman Val:

    Yes, all the time. Always contest violations notices. 99% of mine get reinstated. R & S is a war zone, stalked by numpty fundamentalists. ;)

    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  • Zombie Kalam: WitchDr Lame Craig:


    You don’t have to be PC. I never will be. I just keep creating more accounts. I am in the thirties now.

  • Lightning From the East:

    Many Times, and have had this account Suspended 3 times in the last 12 months, because I voiced my opinion, the last was just little more than a week ago, fortunately, I know how to get it restored

  • Labyrinthine_Anghellica:

    I have before …and it pissed me off too , I had a great question and they simply dismissed it because people had chosen to take offense rather than to simply have a valid response for it .

  • sly phy .. ouija bonfire:

    I frequently get VN’s and always for voicing my opinion.

  • Blue Kitteh: Phvĸing Blue!:

    Who hasn’t been banhammered for voicing their opinion?

  • ThumbsDwn is a Badge of Honor:

    Yes and most likely by religious people

  • Jabberwock:

    Yes, in fact a number of times it has been a rewording of others’ opinions to point the other way.

    We get ivisiting troupes of report monkeys, from time to time, who try get rid of opinions they disagree with.

  • David N:

    Several times.

    What the heck, if people don’t want to hear something many have a tendency to just report the post and get it removed. Some of my “opinions” were even supported by “Source:” links.

    I even challenged the removals a few times but never got a single post reinstated. Maybe removed posts are trashed and can not be recovered.

    Not saying whether it’s right or wrong…
    just “that’s the way it is.”

  • Rev. Still Monkeys:

    No, I don’t recall one due to opinion.

  • fistycuffs:

    In the last week I got 4 for answers and 1 for a question no one answered, plus they gave no reason why it was a violation.
    I don’t care, I just keep on trucking

  • TwistedOwl:

    Plenty have I’m sure

    On my past accounts though I probably deserved the violations according to the lame rules…too much playing online while severely inebriated

  • chiffmonkey:

    Just don’t answer with malice. Kind responses will not be removed.

  • lazybones:

    More times than I care to remember.

  • Oolon_Collupid:

    Yes. I have.

    The stupidest one was I asked why Baptists and Evangelicals don’t celebrate the work of the Scientist Georges Laimatre who was also a devout Christian, when they are ever so fond of quote mining other Christian scientists to try and justify creationism. I asked was it perhaps because George Laimatre was the man who created the big bang theory which invalidates their beliefs?

    And a few hours later it was served a violation notice!

  • Photographer:

    Many times….

  • +Faith♥♫:

    Yes, but that will not stop me, I am politically correct for no one, I answer to no one, but to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

    Blessed Be The Name of The Lord
    HE Reigns

  • Frankie:

    When we speak the truth on here we will be reported by some of those who disagree with us. They do not see the truth that we see and take it as a lie or an insult. Even if we start a sentence with “The bible says..” we get thumbs down and are reported because those who do no wish to know what the bible says wish to get rid of those of us who quote it because we believe it.

    If our answer is in line with how the question is asked it should never be reported because we would have been dishonest to have answered any other way. This can apply to answers from those who believe the bible and those who do not. We should all be allowed to answer questions according to our own beliefs without worrying about thumbs down and reports. We should save those for the blasphemous, filthy and disgustingly nasty answers which are all that some people have to offer.

  • Flippy got killed by cat people:

    Yes, plenty of times, that’s why I mostly just give snarky answers now. The thing is sometimes I answer and say to myself “I am so getting a VN for this” and never do, then sometimes I get a VN for an answer that I really put my heart and sincere opinion into. There is no rhyme or reason for how they bend us over and violate us.

  • johnno:

    Some Catholics are very thin-skinned, and will run squealing to the
    moderators at the mention of Inquisitions & their history of killing.
    (They don’t like their people to know about this brutal past)

  • Magpie of Eden:

    Many times! I’m an ex Jehovah’s Witness and I like to state my opinions on the cult, and why i think it’s hypocritical and I’m glad I left.
    I’m currently being stalked by this wacko guy who has multiple accounts and hates anyone who isn’t a JW or disagrees with the teachings of the JWs.
    He hates anything I say, so whenever I post anything (even when its clearly not in violation) he likes to ensure it gets deleted by reporting me with his numerous accounts.
    I don’t bother appealing though cos I really couldn’t care less. Its not the majority, it’s only him.
    My question/answer was still on there for a good while and was read by a good many…so who cares! He’s really not all there anyway and has a “hate list” on his profile of people who he considers to be worshippers of Satan…LMAO! I just pity him. Someone like that is obviously very unhappy.

  • David J:

    Im sure most of atheists had because they can’t express their disbelief in god In a respectful way
    for example d4nnyb0y02

  • youthpastor1955:

    I have many times. I feel that the mods here are very PC and biased. I will probably get a violation for this one.

  • Alfred Isac:

    hundreds of times

  • The Ugly American:

    Although many may enjoy your comment, it only takes one to report and reject it. Yes even this site has some censorship. If your comment was removed because of a violation, don’t let it discourage you, move on, and always say what you feel. I’m sure that absolute truths have been removed from this site, just because one person objected. I think it possible that Yahoo didn’t even read it, they just removed it when someone complained. Don’t take it personal.

  • ozzie s:

    Yes, I have. This means we can voice our opinion, only to ourselves.

  • firefly:

    are you new here??
    everyone has been reported.

  • sugar-glider queen:

    i have. good thing i am good at explaining my thoughts and why it was in fact NOT a violation of the CG or TOS and why it actually was a knowledge worthy answer for the questioner and community at large. many have lost their trusted reporting status reporting my answers.

    this is rampant, many people get their questions and answers removed simply for having a different point of view or asking a difficult question. the way to combat this is to get to know the rules well so you always stay within the CG and are able to explain your way out of a VN.

    i myself have not reported the nasty name calling that goes on in the middle of answering some questions, but i do engage in debate here.. the debate is useless if they have their answers or questions removed, now isn’t it? so i leave it in this section, this section is one of 2 where it is purely opinion and everyone is going to think differently.

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