Final analysis….. I only received one answer and it let me know that I had to add more info to get through to those who care to come in to this category. Tonight I was watching a program on PBS. The speaker was Dr Wayne Dyer and he talked about what my original question was. The word I was searching for was: Paradyme shift or Paradyne shift. Now for fun you do a search on it and know what I was talking about. Thanks Everyone….

I have recently been studying demonology and the symbols associated with individual demons, I was wondering what (or even if) there is in equivalence for the angels. Preferably not by the hierarchy of angels but with named specifics.

Can anyone tell me about them or perhaps were I can find out more?
To those telling me to stay away from demonology I would like to say this.

Learning is not dangerous. Ignorance is dangerous.

and why is that?

Has anyone here ever done the full 6/18 month HGA ritual? If so what was it like? What did you expirence while performing and after performing it? And how is the abramelin’s sacred magic system compared to other magic systems?

In which versions do they believe that the scriptures are not to be taken literally…

I am sick and tired of going to people for generalizations about what the Talmud says. Why not just go to the source?

everything that could go wrong did, and at the worse possible time any suggestions on how to shake feeling like schleprock?

I’m on mine, and just wondered if anybody has is on their path as well, and what experiences and signs you have had.
I’m connecting with my angels, it’s been amazing so far.

Please don’t waste your time trying to be funny or witty if you are not serious about my question.
Amateur trollers look like idiots, and you are not even funny.

why is it different than normal Judaism? is it like the jewish opus dei?

I mean, what is your opinion on this as an ancient work of science?

I find it interesting… and to me it kind of dispels the belief that religions do not have any science..

there is science in it… though it might not qualify into the definition of proper science today…

my point being… there was a lot of science in ancient traditions both in the west and in the east… though they were overshadowed by the dogma…

here’s a link to the tree of kabbalah:

your opinions? thanks…

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