learn and to practice.. this branch of the judaism.. plz tell me more about it… and rituals.. I knowww kabbalah follows the OT..

4 Responses to “what’s Kabbalah? I would like to practice kabbalah as madonna and some other do because they inspire me to lea”

  • Non-Redneck:

    Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism. Madonna doesn’t practice the real Kabbalah, but some cheap Hollywood version of it.

  • I love techno ♥:

    Lol wth?

  • andii:

    Kabblah (or Cabbalah) is NOT Jewish witchcraft or “Yoga” although that is a popular belief. If you truly study it, it is based upon ten principles that would only make sense to a traditional Jew, a VERY traditional Jew. It follows all aspects of Halacha (The Law) and it is, in short, a spiritual side of Judaism.
    Some great sites to check out if you are truly interested are Aish.com and Chabad.org
    I myself prefer Kavanah. Contact me if you want to learn more about either.

  • Frankie:

    That’s your clue…Whatever Mad-onna does in her life, learn from that and avoid doing it.
    That woman is all screwed up in the head.

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