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7 Responses to “What made you decide to believe in Judaism? What makes it special?”

  • EddieJ:

    I was born a Jew. Belief is not part of this.

  • Master of the Magicians:


  • Stephen L:

    Being born into the religion helped. But Reform Judaism is a very good fit for someone like me who has problems with belief in the supernatural. The stress on children, family, learning, charity and community is particularly compelling.

  • the chosen one:

    The God Yahweh is what makes it special.

  • RW:

    through all of my research, introspection, consideration, questioning, debate and challenging my own and other beliefs, I have come to the conclusion that Judaism is right for me.

    for me, it has the least “problems”, the most truth, and the most “benefit” overall.

  • Phil F:

    I have no belief in Judaism.

  • Rico JPA:

    Phil F.: I guess I’m an ethnic Jew, too. But, despite my pantheistic beliefs, I continue to self – identify as a Jew, proudly, because of my experiences growing up, where my religious instructors encouraged questioning, doubting, and critical thinking skills, and because my Parents were so supportive when I began to explore other religious and philisophical traditions. I think Judaism’s emphasis on scholarship, its veneration of learning, is what makes it special.

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