Is Kabbalah like Judiasm? Im confused! I am into angelology and feel that i want to convert to Kabalah, do i have to cnvert to Judiasm too and if yoes what does it involve please?
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  • ra:

    the kabbalah is like the mystic form of judiasm.

  • Reverend V:

    Kabbalah is a sect within Judaism, so converting to Judaism first appears beneficial. Is it necessary though? Depends on who you ask. Its teachings are based on the mystical side of Judaism. Its teachings are meant to explain the relationship between an infinite, eternal and essentially unknowable Creator with the finite and mortal universe of His creation. This is done by seeking the inner or hidden meaning in the Tanakh (Old Testament) and traditional rabbinic writings, as well as by explaining the significance of Jewish religious holidays.
    God Bless! +?+

  • Mark S, JPAA:

    Just to clarify–Kabbalah is *not* a “sect” within Judaism. Rather, it is the mystical side of Judaism which any Jew, regardless of denomination, can study. One does not “convert” to Kabbalah; one converts to Judaism and then *studies* Kabbalah. So you can “study” (the quotes are deliberate) Kabbalah without being Jewish, but it will most likely make *very* little sense.

  • Paperback Writer KosherNinja JPA:

    MARK has given the right answer.

    Kabbalah is not a ‘sect’ within the Jewish religion. Kabbalah involves a particular way of approaching the Torah, the holy Jewish text. It is, if you like, Judaism, but studied at a more mystical, esoteric level.

    You are, of course, welcome to convert to Judaism. You can’t convert to Kabbalah, because it’s not a religion.

    Only those with a very, very good understanding of Torah and Judaism, can hope to understand Kabbalah.

    But if you’re really keen, I recommend these books, in this specific order:
    Judaism For Dummies
    Kabbalah For Dummies
    - both by Arthur Kurzweil

  • Hatikvah JPA:

    Kabbalah is *advanced* Judaism. You won’t understand any of it without a basic understanding of Judaism.

    Learning the *basics* of Judaism will take at least a year. Actually understanding Judaism and tying all the different concepts together will take at least five years.

    Don’t rush it. Judaism is a process — relax and enjoy.
    It is a lifetime process!

  • Panther:

    I live in California near the Kabballah Center in L.A. Kaballah has gotten so big that it often comes off as its own religion. I have been to the Center many times and I can see how easy it would be for someone who did not know any better to have no idea that it has a Judaism connection.
    I’ve also been to synagogue many times with an ex boyfriend. The difference is like night and day. So I can tell you from experience that Kabballah is being practiced as a movement among itself outside the umbrella of Judaism.

    As for Reverend V stating it is a sect within Judaism, well that is what they teach at the Center. A sect by definition is a group or organization that breaks off or away from a larger one to follow additional and often different rules and principles than its predecessor. So by that definition Kabballah is a sect of Judaism.

    I was once told that just as Christianity started as a movement within Judaism that eventually broke away, Kabballah is doing so as well. xoxoxo

  • allonyoav:

    First off- anyone with an open cheque book can study Kabbalah at the Kabbalah centre with Madonna, or at the Bnei Barcuh institute with “Rav” Michael Laitman (guess what- he actually does NOT have Rabbinical ordination). Your bank account will be lighter, you’ll think you’ve learnt something and you can brag to your friends about how much kabbalah you know. The only problem is, that you don’t know any Kabbalah but have fed your money to scam artists who rely on the fact that very few people have knowledge fo the Kabbalah and will swallow anything that is couched in Hebrew or Aramaic terms- no matter how fake or made up those terms are!

    The thing is, is that Kabbalah is not about angelology, or about science or spiritual systems, chasing off demons, holy water, red strings or any of the other nonsense these scamsters try to sell. Kabbalah is just another manner which Orthodox Jews utilise when studying the Torah in order to understand it better. People always talk about the Zohar- yet that is only source of Kabbalisitic teachings. The Talmud teaches Kabbalah in some areas, the various collections of Midrashim, various commentaries etc. While people all talk about how hidden kabbalah is, they are often studying it (and if Jewish doing things as taught in the Kabbalah) without even knowing it.

    Kabbalah is not something you just pick up a book and study- it requires a massive knowledge of Jewish texts, of Jewish law, of the Midrashim etc. In essence- one could say that the prerequisite ot be able to study an understand Kabbalah is twenty years of first studying and living Judaism and its texts and laws

  • Zsolt H:

    As you can see from the other answers it is a very confusing and divisive subject.
    But in truth Kabbalah and religious Judaism are not related to each other at all.
    Judaism is a religion for the Jewish people (where we understand the term jewish in the physical sense), while Kabbalah is a practical science intended for the whole of humanity, where the Jewish people (meant in the spiritual term) have the obligation to teach it to the rest of humanity.
    Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom designed to teach us about the whole of reality, and most of all about ourselves, to give us the tools to achieve the purpose of our lives.
    Anyone, without any limitations can study Kabbalah that is free and available here and now.
    I hope it helps, all the best.

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