At park today I was meditating because I have stress. And like my friend asked me “are you like doing the kabbalah?” I just pretended like I don’t know what she was talking about. Is she trying to be racist?

3 Responses to “No offence to Catholics. Is she trying to be racist?”

  • Lucy:

    if she said it snotty…ya if she sounded courious….no

  • Stallion.Duck:

    It all depends on the tone that she used when she answered you.
    If she was just geniusely curious, then that’s not racist but if she did sound like she snobby or looking her nose down on you then it might be considered racist.

  • gldjns:

    I don’t think so. Maybe she was just curious. Incidentally, the Kabbalah relates more to Judaism than to Catholicism, I believe.

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