OK, so i bought the kabbalah red string, but its gone now, & i really dont wanna spend $26 bucks again on red string, so does anyone know if i just can buy a normal red string, but not look fake..?
im 16. i dont have a job, so my parents bought it 4 me,

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  • Floid:

    Here is an insider secret, they are all fake. Any red string you can find will work.

  • i love satan pt2:

    you spent $26 on a peice of yarn!!

    is it that worth it to be trendy. just wear one of those lance armstrong braclets.

    hate to break it to you but…….
    there is nothing “cool” about wearing a peice of red string around your wrist

  • Barrel Bottom:


    You blew 26 bucks on a red string, and your idea of wising up is to spend less on an imitation red string.

    If you had half a brain, you would go down to a knitting store, buy a bail of red string, and sell it for 13 bucks.

    But thanks. Now whenever Im feeling bad about myself, I can just think that at least Im not someone dumb enough to blow 26 bucks on a piece of red string.

  • Deeply Unprejudiced JPA:


    Okay , so
    1) You blew 26 bucks on a piece of string which signifies nothing
    2)You’re not religious but you wear it because it looks ‘cool’. Then excuse me , couldn’t you just get a normal piece of string and get your mom to tie it round your wrist if you don’t care anyway?

    3)If you want a new one , but a normal biece of red string and tie it round your wrist ,and don’t worry about it looking fake , because the one you had before was ALREADY a fake. Authentic Kabbalah has nothing to do with red strings or holy water. So it was already a fake , like the kind Madonna and Britney wear.
    So just tie a piece of string and look ‘cool’

    LMFAO your question cracked me up.

    Barrel Bottom : Lol , you’re totally right!

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