I’ve recently started studying Kabbalah, but I’m unsure on some of the practices.
For example, if I have given the Evil Eye in the past, should I apologize for it, or just start with a clean slate?
Also, is there anywhere that shows you how to tie the wool? I know it said you should have 7 knots all together, but I would feel better if I could see a picture, so I knew I hadn’t messed up.

Thanks so much!!!

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  • Wizardess Arysa:

    Eh, i’ve done a bit of work with the Kabbalah. It’s tough stuff! Actually the best information I’ve found on it in the most readable, user-friendly format was in the book by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart “Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard.” It’s kinda geared towards teens, but the few pages he mentions the Tree of Life and QBL on make much more sense than some of the other stuff out there.

  • kindsmartdonkey:

    I take it you are studying through the Kabbalah Centre. Please go to http://www.rickross.com/groups/kabbalah.html and research Philip Berg and his Kabbalah Centres. They are a potentially dangerous cult-like group after money and influence.

    Authentic Kabbalah has nothing to do with the “evil eye” or red string. In fact, it’s directly opposite to authentic Kabbalah because Kabbalah teaches that there is none else beside God, so wearing something to protect you is an indication that the string has power (not God) and that you need protection [from God]. Many local synagogues now offer Kabbalah classes, or you can enroll in free video classes online. Some even offer completely free texts.

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