I am not ok with that kind of god. It seems to me that something is wrong with a heart that can believe any real god would do such things and still be ok with it. Does anyone else feel the same way?

9 Responses to “It is ok for the god of the OT to kill millions but we are commanded not to kill?”

  • No!:

    He’s kind of douchey isn’t he?

  • wefmeister:

    The moment you make one thing to live is the moment when you can begin to compare yourself with the Lord and Giver of all Life.
    Your next breath belongs to Him.
    Why show yourself to be a fool and displease Him?

  • Jesus was a Troll:

    God has a plan, mysterious ways, Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament, God is love, blah blah blah *fartnoise* Christian nonsense

  • bmisinki:

    Despite what the King James says, the commandment is actually not to -murder-. Open any non-KJV bible and you’ll find that it says “You shall not murder”, “Kill without justification” and so on.
    Murder is killing something with no justification. Killing is ending the life of something with justification.
    Places and people killed by God were so bad and so wicked, the Big Man had no other choice. One tribe he commanded to be killed by His men were sacrificing children to some kinda fire god!

  • Jesus Street:

    Not all human morals apply to God. Human morals vary among humans, too. If I kill someone they call it murder, but if the state executes someone they call it justice.

  • Jamin:

    So, are you just trolling or actually wanting an answer?

    God asked us to obey him, sinning is acting against his will. We usually can’t set black and white “this is sin, this is not” because we can’t even start to understand his will.

    God has told us if we obey him we will be blessed, and if we disobey him we will loose those blessings (including the blessing of life). If we disobey him enough we can loose our privilege of living.

  • MamaLuna:

    Don’t you know that’s the old bible they don’t follow that one anymore since it doesn’t apply to us any longer. Apparently it was OK back then to kill people in the name of religion but now that we have all grown it’s no longer acceptable. The NT is the one to follow apparently God changed his ways so I guess he wasn’t so perfect to begin with.

  • kickindevilbutt:


    What would you think if you read something in the newspaper that said, “Man kills another man.”? Would you assume that it was murder and that the one man was innocent a poor picked on lil baby? A person could assume anything. So let’s put it into context.

    One day a man named Bubba and his beautiful wife Anna and their lovely daughter Matilda were watching tv. When suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. Bubba gets up to go answer the door. This drunk man storms into the house in a drunken rage. He has a loaded gun in his hand.

    “YOU TOOK MY CHILD YOU B*TCH!” he screams at Anna and points the gun at her, “ON THE FLOOR NOW!” Anna obeys.

    Anna used to be married to him, but he would often come home drunk and beat her and her daughter up. He threatened to kill her and her daughter many times. Finally one day she divorced him and left.

    In the midst of the chaos, Bubba had snuck away. He went into the bedroom where they keep their gun under lock and key. He then returned to find Anna and her daughter sobbing and trembling for fear.


    BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! the man is shot dead in the head from behind and falls to the floor and dies. Bubba runs over to his wife and daughter and they hold each other closely. Bubba just saved all their lives. No more will Anna and Matilda have to be afraid of him anymore.

    Changes everything doesn’t it? Taking it out of context made Bubba look like he was committing murder, but in context he becomes a hero.

    So see Atheists keeping things in context is important. When will you learn that?

  • Queen of Sheba:

    If it were so that the purpose of life is to re-balance the illusive universe as it wobbles off course to insure the cycle of existence continues, which is asserted in certain Kabbalah teachings, we humans are the tiny cells within one of the organs belonging to a greater organism, trying to make sense of what the brain that is directing us has in it’s omnipotent mind.

    We can call God cruel until the cows dome home but we can’t make sense of the masterplan when we are like tiny cells within a greater organism we call Humanity, a part of the greater organism of Earth Life within a solar system within a galaxy within a universe within expanding universes each with unlimited parallell universes branching out on into infinity..

    . Can we, in our right minds, satisfactorily judge the enormous pruning knife of the Cosmic designer whose omnipresent brain gave us the instincts that tell us what to do when? Could cell soldiers that live for the blink of God’s eye comprehend the reasons we must be born to die?
    purpose for lwhich that we needed to develop writing so we could leave notes for future descendants to recall what we did in the ‘past’ when we were part of a world where time is an illusion caused by gravity pulling matter, ( warped time space), forward. .

    Kathy, please consider for a moment the physics concept that matter is influenced by thought that can alter reality which is an illusion caused by gravity pulling illusive matter forward.

    Are we not like the ten blind men touching the elephant, grasping in the dark as we try to figure out what that elephant looks like? One blind man grabs a leg and states with illogical certainty that an elephant looks like a tree. Another grabs an ear and insists that, for sure, an elephant looks like a fan.

    We with our bloated egos attempt to pass judgement upon the Cosmic Omnipotent Mind that created everything from nothing. Our myopic eyes are incapable of seeing the entire puzzle let alone what that puzzle is within the greater puzzle within the greater puzzle.

    Dare we pass judgment on the One putting All together?.

    Lets take our egos down a notch and admit our point of reference is so limited our minds are comparable to a mouse who believes he can pull a locomotive up hill to the top of Mount Everest..

    We live in a world of illusion that there is time and matter, in a surreal world far beyond the understanding of even the most extraordinary of minds. Thus,you may see how bloated the ego of anyone who dares to pass judgment on the universal cosmic planner must be as the Kaleidoscope turns, and whatever our judgment is of a thing so much greater than us may be, it has to be both trite and shallow.

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