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12 Responses to “If I had a copy of the Talmud I would know everything there is to know about Judaism right?”

  • Vinny the Virus:


  • Umilik:


    The Talmud is a man made book with values on life.

    The T’nach is the book they believe comes from God.

  • Theophilous:

    Just owning a book does not automatically grant wisdom or knowledge. But it could be a good start.

    Try reading it. When you have questions, come back.

  • PastorsRUs:

    False. You would know what some scholars think about Judaism.

  • Zvi:


    First of all, owning a copy of the Talmud doesn’t mean you have read it, and just reading it requires you know both Hebrew and Aramaic. There are translations (and some are on line), but they are of less than perfect accuracy.

    Second, the Talmud is about 20 volumes, and is VERY heavy reading. People spend a lifetime studying it, and still do not claim to understand it all. Generally, one learns Talmud with a partner, so the different aspects can be discussed in detail.

    Third, though the Talmud is consider the last divinely inspired text, there are plenty of authoritative texts and commentators since then (for example, the Shulchan Aruch, Rashi) which explain the Talmud. And, of course, there are explanations of the explanations.

    So the answer to your question is without a doubt – false.

  • Tumpet1:

    No one is ever going to know everything there is to know about Judaism. Judaism is a centuries old religious practice that has at one point spread all over the world (not at once, but Jewish people have gotten around since Judaism has been created) you, nor anyone else, is ever going to know EVERYTHING there is to know about Judaism.

  • Cindy:

    Well, first you’d need to read and understand and remember it. And then you’d have to go on and read all the other classical and sacred Jewish literature, live as a Jew among Jews, speak the language, and so on. Actually, I’m pretty sure no one but God knows everything there is to know about anything

  • Ami:

    You’d have some of the Torah, but not all of it. The Oral Torah is contained in the Mishnah, which is part of the Talmud, along with the Gemora, which is rabbinical commentary on Torah. The Written Torah is the first five books in the Tanakh, an acronym for the three parts of the Hebrew Bible (the Torah “Teaching,” the Nevi’im “Prophets,” and Ketuvim “Writings”).

    You also wouldn’t know how halakha (Jewish religious law) is put into practice. You’d need a legal code like the Shulkhan Arukh for that.

    And then there’s also Kabbalah, which is derived from the sod (secret) interpretation of Torah, but you need to have Kabbalistic works to understand that (like the Sefer Yetzirah and the Zohar).

  • Wayne T:

    No; you would have to read it, and it would take you a long time to do that.

  • Feivel:

    Absoutely false. I have a copy of the book of mormon but I know very little about mormanism.
    I have both the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmud (the sets) and I can die at 120 and not know everything there is to know about the Talmud or Judaism and I study it everyday. So even if the question were to be “I have a copy of the Talmud and I study it everyday”, the answer would still be “no”.

  • Dean:


    For starters, a lot of people can’t just simply read the Talmud and then UNDERSTAND IT. It’s a very complex book, and there are many other things about Judaism that aren’t recorded in the Talmud that have happened in Jewish though. Since the Talmud is over a thousand of years old, this is to be expected.

  • The angels have the phone box.:

    I’ll be kind and assume that by ‘having a copy’ you mean actually using it.

    To understand this massive compendium, you’ll have to devote pretty much the rest of your life to reading it, the texts it draws on and countless generations of commentaries. Oh, and you’ll need to become fluent in Hebrew and understand plenty of Aramaic.

    You still won’t understand ‘everything there is to know about Judaism’, but you might have made a decent start.

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