Sometimes I wake up and I feel this void inside me. Like this emptiness. I’m staring at my ceiling, but I don’t know what to do next because if I get off my bed it’s like I don’t have anything to do. No purpose in life. Can anyone relate? I go through life to find something fun to fill the gap inside, but at the end of the day the gap is still missing. I seriously feel like I have no purpose lol how do I find it?

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  • Anti Fundie:

    VenomFangX is a moron =]

  • Son_Of_Azarel:

    Jesus loves you, he wants to spend time with you for eternity

    notice how all non Christians tell you the things that you can’t have or do. Christians are expressing Christs love and companionship for your life.

  • bigA:

    The void is inside of you, so the answer must to be found inside of you. Trying to fill an internal void with the external world is like trying to plug an American hair dryer into a European outlet.

  • CC:

    In order to determine your purpose in life, you need to do a lot of internal reflection. Determine what you want in life, and plan out a strategy to accomplish that.

    You cannot find a path, unless you know the destination. You cannot find a destination, unless you know what you want.

  • Mittens:

    Just carry on as normal, keep living. Asking this in this section your asking for trouble, you’ll get a tonne of answers saying to turn to religion. But don’t worry, just keep trudging on and you’ll find your calling naturally.

  • cynthia:

    When I feel like this, I read my Bible, or hang out with people who believe solely in God!

  • Jules:

    If you find out, let me know.

    In the mean time, stop saying that there is a void, that may help. Go with the flow and trust that you are on the right path.

  • Holy Moses:

    to answer your question: perhaps you are taking things to seriously. purpose is something we invent over time. why not give yourself a five year plan to explore several possibilities.

  • Randolpho:

    The evolving man was genetically manipulated buy the Nephilim
    the serve as their workers.

  • Premaholic:

    Who told you it had a purpose?

  • Lion of Issachar:


  • Zsolt H:

    Thank you for your honest account.
    As many others I have been in your shoes before.
    It prompted me to search, read books, go from teacher to teacher, until finally found a path, that has shown me the purpose of my life, and also provides me with the tools that can help me achieving it.
    I have been studying it, and it has completely changed me, and I do not feel the emptiness anymore you are describing.
    You have asked the question just at the right time, as a new virtual, free course starts in January that can help you finding your own path too.
    Here is a link that can help you:!%2BAnswers&utm_medium=forum&utm_content=text-link&utm_campaign=semester-winter-2008
    All the best with your path!

  • Jack M:

    i am not a believer in christ-my wife is-but i volunteer at christan food pantries-and at many other events that raise food etc-it has nothing to do with being a believer in christ its the real belief in the value of people i am an american indian i believe in nature and the god-gods that created us -watch over us

  • Omar O:

    the emptiness is from lack of belief in god i think you should check out this websites it should help you and if it does let me know or or
    this are all real good websites and the should help the only reason why i say this is because i use to feel the same way and now im much better and know my purpose in life so let me know what you think about it

  • patricia:

    Its all about your attitude , Jesus would not want us feeling this way, only satan dose, Because when we fill this way we are acceptable to any thing. A positive attitude brings positive results in our” life, and “negative attitude brings negative results to our life. Our purpose is to serve the Lord, to read His words of wisdom daily so it can keep us focused, grounded. With out His wisdom daily we cant face the wisdom of this world with out His wisdom. We want fully understand why we go through the things we go through with out His wisdom daily .And how to get through our” trials and tribulations that we face, When satan gets us down we weaken and cant find our way back .But with Jesus and Gods wisdom we can. He gives us “gifts” with out asking for them we cant have them. One of the most important “gift He gives us is the “gift of Knowledge and wisdom to understand what it is we read in His book. If we don’t have this gift Jesus wisdom tells us it dose not matter” how smart you think you are ,or how smart someone else thinks you are, Jesus says you will”not” FULLY UNDERSTAND what it is you are reading, Because asking for this gift each time before you read His wisdom He speaks right to you” Positive people bring positive results to your life and negative people will bring negative results to your life. Read romans it will fill that gap.It brings us peace and understanding, God bless you and all. Have you heard the good news Jesus is coming..


    that gap is something missing from your life, it can’t really be filled by external things like possessions, religion, or money.
    Meditate on yourself to discover what is missing.
    also, try playing World Of Warcraft. you might need more friends.

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