like a musican, or athelete, or artist, actor?

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  • Prophet bbqdog:

    Mark 16: 15 – 18

    Teach, Preach, lay hands on the sick and cast out demons in the name of Jesus, by the power of God

  • Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian:

    I think that if you use your talents to serve mankind, you are in so doing serving God.

  • arthvader:

    By using them to bless and enrich the lives of other people, but not by using them to cater to people’s desires and sins.

  • chryseraphim:

    First take care of your family and save your soul…from this comes the extra bonuses of spiritual gifts or callings…

  • lisapf7:

    Put God’s message in the lyrics, or have good morals that match Gospel teachings and the commandments, or do things for free to benefit others.
    Stand up for what you believe in.
    Set an example.
    Keep the Commandments.

    Those are a few ideas.

  • allcreaturesgreatandsmall:

    Join the choir or offer to play the organ and act as a choir director.

    But first make sure that you are serving God as He wants you to as a member of the One, True, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.
    The Christian community was all Catholic until the Protestants decided they knew better and left the “harbor of faith and the pillar of truth”.

    See the links below for instruction on how to find the true Catholic faith, outside of which no one can be saved. Just like in the time of Noah, no one outside the Ark could be saved…they all drown.

  • gourry_gabrief:

    I serve God as an alcoholic only. When I’m sober, I would never ever serve God.

  • Shawn B:

    Use them to bring happiness to others, don’t waste them on impracticalities like “pleasing God”. Let God entertain himself.

  • NJ:

    God has given each of us a gift, a gift to serve Him and others. You must pray and ask God to lead you in the manner in which you may go. He will show you your gift. He did mine 18 years ago, serving others in many different ways. It is so self-rewarding. We are all to be busy doing the Lord’s work, no matter what it may be. His return is imminent.

  • Martin S:

    God is most pleased when we use our natural abilities for His glory.

    Click on the link if you want to read the article.

  • Elle:

    Take your talents and apply them. If you love gardening start by making your church’s lawns look beautiful. If your good at sports invite others to sport church functions for encouragement and witnessing. If you love art make encouraging art for those in your church going through hard times. God can always use your talents!

  • Zsolt H:

    Anyone can serve God, not only seemingly talented people.
    But at first we have to figure out, what God’s purpose is, and how we can help achieving that purpose.
    Humanity has been in the dark about the Creator, and the purpose of Creation for thousands of years.
    In our generation we have the chance again to find out the purpose of our life, and how we can help the Creator to finish what He created.
    But for that we need the proper method, which can really show us the practical steps how to achieve this.
    If you would like to join in, the following link can guide you to the study of such method:!%2BAnswers&utm_medium=forum&utm_content=text-link&utm_campaign=semester-winter-2008
    All the best.

  • emmy_netz:

    >>As a musician, people could write songs and praises for God. Also organizing or joining a choir can be helpful for people to have faith.
    >> As an athlete, he/she could do marathons for charities or different organizations across the world
    >>As an artist, painting things about faith and Christianity to influence others can help serve God
    >>As an actor, using their big influence can help people to do good and donate to different charities

    Most importantly we can serve God in Little Ways like helping a neighbor, doing charity work or going to a community Church.

  • Bala .T:

    First of all, for the most important facts for your question please visit the web side
    Just for you to know the truth
    There have to be a purpose for life otherwise we will miss the peaceful path of happiness so we want to be just better everyday
    So, spiritually, what is God? , What’s makes God as god? , What is God’s Power? , For all sort of these questions, I have very limited understanding so Let me give you the point. Well, just try to know, what’s makes God as god, the Power, isn’t it? So what the power can do? Ah? Well, it can give the ability to organise all things & it can give the ability to separate everything and most importantly, the Ability to control everything, isn’t it? Isn’t it good? Ah? So, what I try to say here is, from my hard study and research effort with the help from god, I realized that the ability to control everything, the Power of God is gradually increased in the full amount to use so; The Power of God is always the omnipotent and existed among everything. & The God now is always the same omnipotent for us, who is organised us and we are growing towards perfection. The perfection is the final stage, not the end. & The Power of God, the Ability is the reward for us to control everything in a proper manner, like the true God of goodness. & Everlasting Happiness is the final stage. & it cannot come alone without the final stage perfection of God. & if god always perfect in perfection then there have to be beginning with God for the organizing progress of all things. So, there is No end and also No beginning for all things, including this on going organizing progress. So we cannot get anything from nothing. & how could that be possible to be perfect in perfection always, ah…? No way has the perfection of god come first or the growth towards perfection. There is No End and there is No beginning and so the Ability is for the Love of Joy & ~ LOVE IS THE ABILITY ~
    If you don’t still agree, then note this important point: – you can use any thing for Good or Bad so, whenever possible If you ask the god for the good reason to give you the ability perfection, because of your obedience, then the God will give you, if the god is good and Almighty. Simple logical prove (the evidence) for this concept. So,
    If you are humble, please… Pray to know the truth from true God by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit with great faith and. Good in Bad & Bad in Good so the values are most important. God gave us the rights to do what is right for you & sometimes, things can be right in your point of view but wrong in Public point of view so Basically, just pray about it for the Good Answer and try to do the God’s will first always & If you think, why so much trouble and pain in this world…? Then there is only one reason, without pain, No pleasure and without pleasure, no pain. So without them, we cannot enjoy this life so always we need them in our development towards the perfection of God. So-so you use pain and pleasure instead of pain and pleasure use you. I mean the vision of your future should be clear & it have to pull you rather than you have to push so you must link a lot of pleasure in order to succeed in the Best job. When you feel strong enough links a lot of pleasure in your subconscious mind and your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. & It is wonderful nature for us by the true God. And we all make mistakes so it is hard to look for star in daylight. So just in faith… it is possible. Like that the faith in true God. & If you think, even expert can be wrong then you have to make the fine research in all most everything so It is hard and some time, it is impossible to achieve so Why we need inappropriate action to find the owner of higher power? So, because of Lack of faith in true God, we do not have the great gift of understanding of things. & All things are spiritually first, to govern by God with glory so closely, Have a look at this world of wonders of yours and then you know the truth, when you listen to your real voice and then Having a strong desire to do the best every day then stick with the best to do your best. And most importantly, try to be grateful for what you have now & try to know where you come from to have the great gift of understanding and then, have the faith to become the best winner in your life. & The Law of mercy cannot rob the Law of justice so Justice demands the punishment of our sin but The Law of mercy requires the forgiveness to give to us and God is perfect in perfection so cannot violate his laws so The God provided the way to our salvation to overcome our sin so Jesus Christ sacrifice is much needed to return to live with God, so Jesus Christ is our savior.
    Well, it is the time to make the great decision.
    Good luck.
    The power is focus with the great mindset
    If you find this useful, please help others. Thanks.

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