Can you wear an Evil Eye Bracelet and the Red Kabbalah String at the same time?

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  • LARA, age 82:


  • Tao Man:

    You really aren’t smart…are you?

  • kaganate:

    From what point of view are you asking?

    Amulets of this sort are meaningless decorations from the point of view of actual Kabalistic learning.

    In fact, if you wear them as amulets in the conviction that they are more than decorative,
    then you are commiting an Aveira (sin) and thereby causing harm to yourself in the realm of the Sephirot (divine emanations) — you are mistaking the Klipot (shells) for the light of God and thereby attaching yourself to the Sitra-Achra (the “other side” — the side of destruction).

    NOTE: If the person who sold you the red string called it a “Kabbalah string” that is a good way to know he was a swindler who either knows nothing about real Kabbalah or who is purposefuly trying to sway people in the wrong direction.

  • *SDA 4 CHRIST* Romans 10:9:

    No. Wear neither. Trust Jesus.

    Romans 10:9,17

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