7 Responses to “Does Madonna think Kabbalah is a religion because she’s been reading Hebrew Left to Right?”

  • sɹnoʎ uɐɥʇ ɹǝƃƃıq sı uoıƃılǝɹ ʎɯ:

    Mysticism always attracts those of feeble mind. Kabbalah followers actually believe that the Torah contains the answer to every possible question ever asked, in quite literal terms, but you need to find the right pattern to rearrange the letters.

  • Ashley:

    Kabbalah is a Jewish-based pathway of mystic philosophy, not a religion.
    Madonna recognizes Kabbalah for what it is – a pathway of enlightenment.

  • אסטרונאוט:

    lol, very clever

  • Warrior Poo Flinger NorCal R&Ser:

    I’m just wondering if she’s going to stop trying to speak like she’s British and start talking like she’s hispanic. Dried up ho from Detroit.

  • Senior IC: I Love Dexter:

    Madonna is an airhead.


    Madonna is a dumb old hag that is full of none sense.
    but no cuz i know once she mentioned she doesn’t have a religion.

  • Andi:

    Madonna will take anything that promises it will somehow put her above others.

    Every religion puts itself above other religions and teachings, and this is because all religions emerged from man’s egoism. This is the reason for the hatred between different religions and nations. Even within one religion, there is hatred between its different branches.

    Authentic Kabbalah, represented by Abraham, pleaded with people to unite. And now, after our entire bitter history, Kabbalah is telling all of us the same thing again: “Unite, otherwise you’ll destroy yourselves!” And to this day, the religions are still preaching separation – and that is because they were produced by egoism.

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