Sometimes it just seems like my existence and everyone’s existence is so weird. I think most people turn to religion to comfort themselves maybe? That’s not something I can do easily because most religions don’t make sense to me. I want to find ‘answers’ and meaning, but I’m afraid that I never will. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety and depression lately, I think partly because of this.

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  • las726:

    I can relate to what you are feeling. I suffer from OCD and generalized anxiety. I think these thoughts occur to everyone sometimes though. Sometimes I will just be driving somewhere, and I’ll notice how weird everything around me is. I’ll think to myself, “Wow, I’m alive. That’s pretty freaky. I am in control of my actions.” Like I said before, these thoughts occur to everyone! The world is a huge, scary, weird place! Sometimes its so strange to think we exist in it. I don’t think this is a good reason to become depressed or anxious. Try to think of it as an amazing miracle! I know I’m probably sounding corny, but that is how I try to look at it. The anxiety and depression could just be something you’re going through right now. I would try and talk to a friend or family member. If it continues, then I would go to a therapist. Sometimes they are easier to talk to about things like this. At least that is what I find. I hope I helped you out!

  • a cup of joe:

    It’s normal to question and try to understand our purpose. People seek all sorts of outlets to try and explain why we are here and what is our responsibility to life? Many find purpose in religion, but people can also find purpose in family, friends, their career, etc.

    It’s a personal exploration and something that is very individual and unique. We can never realistically know why we are here, we can only try to find “where we fit” and what that means for us.

  • Chris:

    I constantly find life ‘weird’ and like you suffer from bouts of depression and anxiety over metaphysical matters. I would advise against turning to religion as I have come to the conclusion that religion is seriously misguided and basically an act of controlling the populus. A better strategy that I am trying to develop is to have faith in myself and I will one day discover the answers within myself but for now I just need patience and to try and stay positive

  • Andi:

    I think any person that has a certain degree of honesty toward oneself feels this way. We realize that once we get something we don’t want it anymore. Further on, we realize that what we want is what we are told we should want, by society and friends. We all question everything until we come to a place that is undeniable, the fact that we exists. And from that place we start again chasing comfort and avoiding pain. However once we recognize this loop, we can only define it as “incredibly weird” as you put it, because we can not attain the purpose of our existence in the same undeniable manner as the fact that we exist.

    Truth, and the beauty of this, is that no one can answer this question except yourself, because if anyone would, then where is your freedom?

    “There are two primary dates in every person’s life: birth and death. What happens between them can be unique and therefore priceless. It can also be meaningless if at the end of it is darkness and chasm.” Watch this short video, it’s funny, it made me wonder why do we feel like pawns, instead of playing chess?

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