2 Responses to “Do you lose sight of some spiritual values in certain social situations?”

  • frog_princess7:

    at dances i grind and when im with my friends i swear

  • Zsolt H:

    It purely depends on the social environment we are in.
    Whatever society we belong to, that society is influencing us with its values.
    So if our society, as basically the whole of human society is based on self reception, more pleasures or profits for ourselves, competing with and exploiting others, than yes, we lose sight of the spiritual values which are unconditional giving and love.
    Actually our only freedom of choice is choosing the society we want to be influenced by.
    So if spiritual values are important for you, you need to choose a society which promotes spiritual values, where your peers are pushing you forward on the spiritual path.
    On the link below I can suggest such a society:
    I hope it helps, all the best.

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