Would a person’s religious and moral conviction such as belief in reincarnation be a practical impediment to the respective candidate who seeks high office in the US House of Representatives, US Senate, and the White House?

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  • Micheal:

    Messianic Jews are people of jewish heritage who still participate in jewish practice (e.g. keeping kosher, etc.) But believe that the messiah has already come. Reincarnation doesn’t really fit in there. As for your second question, that’s really a matter of opinion.

  • James M:

    No. Reincarnation first originated in the Nimrod, Semiramus, Tammuz story.

    Later, the Pharisees adopted this idea and it is now commonly taught in Kabbalah.

    This idea is nowhere mentioned in the Bible. And the bible makes it clear not to mix religions.

  • Suckels Clown of Righteousness:

    No they do not.

    Since Obama got in the White house it is doubtful that any beliefs could prevent someone from serving.

    Beliefs such as reincarnation and practices of astrology and divination came into Judaism through what we know today as Kabbalah. You should note that all of these things go against the Torah. Some historians believe that much of the oral tradition is really pagan teachings that were absorbed during the Babylon exile. The torah specifically says that everything taught and given by God through Moses was written down which means there was no oral tradition. Despite scriptures claims this some Jews believe that God gave Moses other teachings There is a sect of Jews that rejects any notion of an “Oral Tradition” they are called Karaites.

    The principal work of the Kabbalah from with these doctrines come was a known forgery written by Moses de Leon in the 13 century. An Orthdox Rabbi that I had studied with admitted that the Zohar was the work of Moses de Leon and that all the stories in it were made up by him. He also said it didn’t matter because of the “truths” it contained. All teaching regarding reincarnation came from this work.

    Here is a great link of an Orthodox Rabbi struggling and twisting scripture to insert the doctrines of reincarnation into Judaism.


    However Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim notes: The perfection of Moses is validated by God’s incorporation of his words as Torah, and the genius and precision of Maimonides’ mind are unparalleled: “From Moses to Moses, none have arisen as Moses.” Neither Moses nor Maimonides suggested truth to reincarnation, let alone this baseless position that reincarnation forms “Divrei Torah” or a fundamental of Judaism. As Rabbi Reuven Mann taught, Moses would not conceal something that forms a fundamental of Torah, nor would God. Yet, our Torah doesn’t mention reincarnation. It only mentions resurrection, which will happen at a specific moment in time. Additionally, Sforno and Saadia Gaon denounce reincarnation, and Saadia Gaon goes so far as to call it “absurd” and “stupid”. But I will not simply quote a source. I will quote Saadia Gaon’s reasoning so no room is left to entertain any possibility for reincarnation. For once something is shown to be foolish, an intelligent person will disregard it.

    I hope this helps

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