I’m a non-theist and I’ve been researching Judaism. The reform/progressive branch is very intriguing to me. I have a few question concerning this particular sect.

1.) Do reformed Jews nessecerily believe in “God”?

2.) How do they view Jewish law?

3.) How closely do they follow the rites and holidays? Yom Kippur, Passover, Hannakh, etc.

4,) How is Kabbalah viewed?

5.) If I became a reformed Jew, could I practice Buddhism as well?

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  • MommyXtinaCakes:

    To be perfectly honest… if you really researched this, you could get all these questions answered quickly.

    A reform Jew shouldn’t be worried about Kabbalah. Without true knowledge of Hebrew language and life, you won’t understand it.

    It’s pretty much relaxed Judaism.

  • Feivel:

    1) YES

    2) I will star this for my Reform contacts. I would say they view it more liberally than Orthodox but much of it still valid.

    3) It depends upon the person

    4) Like it is in most sects of real Judaism. Real Kabbalah is something that is best learned after you are very well grounded in Judaism. The rule of thumb is age 40 but this is not really a rule. It is to show that it take a long time (at least 4 decades) to know what you need to know to even begin to study Kabbalah.

    5) No. That would be like being a xtian muslim or something. Can you mediate and things like that, yes. Can you be of the belief that buddhism is a religion and the buddha was a deity, no.

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