can i be kabbalist before i’m 40 ??

how long will take me to understand kabbalah ??

11 Responses to “can someone explain to me what kabbalah is ?”

  • Jeff- a follower:

    Jewish mysticism.

    It is not accepted by orthodox Judaism.

  • Chris:

    It is Babylonian satanism and is very dangerous. Avoid it.

  • Sir Alex:

    jewish mumbo jambo

  • Taka:

    A weird guy wearing a mask on Mortal Kombat.


  • "Wee" Joe Citizen:

    Isn’t it some kind of Middle Eastern dish???

    sounds spicy…

    Probably has lots of curry in it…

  • Stephski:

    I think madonna’s into that. Sounds like a load of rubbish to me.

  • The Reverend Soleil:

    As Howard Stern so succinctly put it, it is “Jews with super-powers”…

  • Brandon:

    It’s jewish mysticism. Some concepts involved in the Kabbalah are sephiroth, qlippoth, and tree of life just to name a few.

  • Ambivalent Bittern PJA:

    Most religions have an esoteric, mystical strand. Judaism is no exception, and Kabbalah is its mystical strand. Despite the way it has been used and distorted by all sorts of groups, largely non-Jewish, true Kabbalah is a deep mystical tradition rooted in Torah and Talmud. It is for this reason that there is an injunction against studying it until one is 40 (and male, I might say, however I personally feel about that!), as it is regarded as essential to know and understand Torah and Talmud to a considerable degree.

    The stuff Madonna does has so little relationship to true Kabbalah it’s absurd that it calls itself that. Kabbalah has exactly nothing to do with special water and red strings.

    Take a look at allonyoav’s BA on this question:;_ylt=Aix0glWZQS5Zb13CGPg6ApUjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080731105714AAA4x98

    You might also find “God is a Verb” by Rabbi David Cooper interesting as an introduction to the subject.

  • L'Chaim, To Life!!:

    Oh my G-d…some of these answers are pure ignorant, especially those who are non-jews and acting as though they are the authority on all things Jewish. Take it from someone who is Jewish and whose father is a rabbi: ambivalent is right…just read her answer and you will know the truth.

  • The Gallant Gryffindor Returns!!:

    It’s Jewish mysticism. I don’t know much about it except that Hollywood as corrupted and extorted and sold it off. Some of these answers on here are just a load of tosh. I’d go with what Ambivalent and L’Chaim said.

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