I just read Rosie O’Donell’s new book and apparently she has converted to it too…What is the draw for celebrities?

11 Responses to “can someone explain the Kabbalah and why so many celebrities are converting?”

  • Cederiver:

    Jewish Mysticism’s.

  • corrosionfactor:

    It’s the EST of the Uh-Ohs, I mean 00s. In the 1970s, all sorts of celebrities were caught up in EST.

  • eiliat:

    Kabbalah is jewish mysticism. I don’t know why celebrities are converting, but it is more interesting than most modern religions.

  • Meat Bot:

    Rosie did it because Madonna did it (and because she’s borderline-retarded (and she has a massive, sweaty head (but that’s irrelevant – I digress))), and Madonna did it because she’s a dullard and it sounded cool.

  • davidm:

    Its hollywood!

  • Father K:

    Real Kabbalah is the metaphysical understandings underlying the physical commandments and stories of the holy Torah given by God to the Jewish people at Mt. Sinai.

    The fake Kabbalah of Madonna, Rosie and the like has about as much to do with REAL Kabbalah as playing Madden 2008 on your X-Box has to do with really playing in the NFL.

    REAL Kabballah takes years of real study in Torah…and should not even be attempted by novices.

    With these celbs it’s a money-making cult of Jewish gnosticism

  • Sunset:

    Kabbalah sounds like another cult leading the
    blind down the road to hell.There will be many of these in the last days before Jesus returns.

  • Generalist:

    Fads and bucks

  • Ama A:

    it allows people to have gay marriage, have abortions and basically any other sin that you want to do. God have mercy on these people.

  • Catherine E: VT:

    First, you need to understand that the “Kabbalah” they are taught is not real Kabbalah. It’s a sort of “Kabbalah lite”. It’s appeals to celebrities because they are taught that they are better and more important than everyone else. They are told that they are given talent and power and riches because God wants them to have it. It neglects to tell them that the reason that God would have given it to them is because He expects them to use it for the betterment of humanity, and that it is a responsibility, not a favor.
    Anyway, the Kabbalah they are taught is considered to be a disgrace and an insult to real Kabbalahists, who are only allowed to study Kabbalah after decades of intensive studies of the Jewish religion and culture. It is not possible to truly understand Kabbalah unless you thoroughly know the Jewish faith.

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