Or what? ( agnostic but I like the idea…it sounds scientific)

12 Responses to “As the Kabbalah states, are we human beings really shards of the big light that is God?”

  • Der Kerzenschein:

    Yes , it is the only thing that makes any sense.


  • LHOOQ:

    More pantheistic than scientific, but whatever floats your boat.

  • Colt Springfield:

    yeah it also states you can raise golum living dead zombie creatures.

  • emmaforestgreen:

    that sounds like when in the book of Gen God states “lets make man in our image” so otherwise we all are a piece of God whether you call him, “abba, God, grandfather((native american)) creator ,etc”

  • Rev. Michael S. Margolin:

    Yes and more, the meaning of life itself, “We live so the universe can learn about itself” Thus God is not a Father, God is a child and we are it’s mothers, fathers, bothers and sisters.
    Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law.

  • Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian:

    I think that’s not too far from the truth :-) I think that we’re all tied together – call it light, lifeforce, or whatever; and I’m not going to claim that it’s totally scientific – but then, I’m not silly enough to claim that I even REMOTELY understand all the science that’s out there and yet to be understood. It’s just an idea that makes some sense to me… in a metaphysical sort of way.

    And if all of the above makes little sense… well, I’m still learning, too, and I’m not always good at expressing what I’m thinking about, because sometimes the words for the concepts just aren’t there yet.

    Edit: I REALLY like Rev. Michael’s idea – thank you!!

  • pqkiller:

    There is much information that can be found on the true runes at the link below. Be sure to have a read.

  • MrCool1978:

    God said let us make man in our image but that does not mean we are God or gods.

    When satan spoke to Eve in the garden, satan told Eve that she would be like God (the start of satan’s planned deception in telling mankind that they are gods when mankind are not gods at all).

  • The Corner Stone:

    The principle of action/reaction

  • braydens24:

    This could be a metaphor. I’m not familiar with the Kabbalah myself, nor am I familiar with Judaism. I am a christian, specifically a Mormon. But if you look at it interpretively, it could have a hidden meaning. Let me lay this out for you. Picture the shadow of a tree on a sunny day. Let the sun represent God, the tree represent our struggles and trials in life, and the bits of light that make it through to the ground represent those who obtain salvation (In my religion, the highest degree of glory. We believe in eternal exaltation for all, but some are so exalted that they are given the power of God himself). God has created us and sent us through the world full of trials and temptations to do evil. Some of the light is caught in the tree and never makes it to the ground. But some of it breaks through the leaves and branches and finally connects with the earth, symbolic of those who obtain the above mentioned salvation.

    Again, I’m not familiar at all with Judaism or the Kabbalah, but that is a christian interpretation of what that may symbolize. You’re right though, it is a very interesting idea to think about. =)

  • ross:

    Yes, but we made up the illusion that we were under the influence of other another light source. We made up the body to be that.

  • Stephan J:

    Jesus Christ who was and is the Lord of the Universe, the only begotten son of God his answer would be no. Though in the Holy Bible Christ does tell us that in the beginning we were there with him. God first made all the souls of humanity before going on to proceed with creating the universe and the array we know as the universe. In this state we existed with God in his state of perfection. We are his and he is our maker. Jesus said it in the best ways A Vineyard owner isn’t a Vineyard owner unless he has the following of his of his workers, and a worker isnt a worker unless he has a vineyard owner to work for. God and man is a collective. One needs he other. In the case of God though he doesn’t need us as much as we need him to exist. Remember hearing how when after Jesus Christ died on the cross? And the world started to fall apart? storms, darkness the whole nine yards. Well it states that God was turning away from mankind. If he had totally turned away creation itself would of faded away like in those old time movies were the end of the film everything fades to black. Existance itself would of did the same thing. We and everything would no longer exist. We would of simply just faded away into nothing. Without God we become nothing. With God we are imortal and perfect through the blood of his son our savior Jesus Christ.
    Thank you.

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