Please Read In Full. Website Downloaded off of: Audio Lecture Link: Transcription Lecture Link: Book Store: Gnostic Teachings Forum: Donations: Gnostic studies delve profoundly into the meaning of the scriptures by exposing, publically, and for the first time the tools needed to understand the language in which the scriptures are written. Without mastery, which takes years of intense studying and meditation, of these tools (Kabbalah, Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot) aspirants to the straight and narrow path fall into division, and cling to THEIR interpretations, THEIR doctrines, and THEIR dogmas. Much anger is directed to those who question or reject THEIR interpretations, doctrines, and dogmas. History repeats itself as establishment and fundamentalists will reject these teachings as Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes rejected those of the Christ. Mastery of Kabbalah, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and knowledge of the meanings of the sacred Hebrew letters will cut through this ignorance, unlock the secrets held for centuries within the scriptures, and give the much needed guidance to the seeker. The narratives of the doctrine are its cloak. The simple look only at the garment-that is, upon the narrative of the doctrine; more they know not. The instructed, however, see not merely the cloak, but what the cloak covers. –The Zohar To you [the disciples] it hath

9 Responses to “Ark of the Covenant 1 ( Lecture)”

  • isdfgbsdf:

    What a disgusting video, a blasphemous slap in the face to the true GOD. “gnosis” is an attempt to pull people away from the one true GOD. Do not be fooled by this new age bullshit. Jesus is the only way. Find God. Do not be deceived.

  • emmanuel0117:

    norcera is the bomb the essence of the 80′s is hidden in the music and I just groove to the groovy groooooooovoo.

  • beatlesnumber9:

    I wish this teaching was more mainstream and accessible to people.

  • Algnosis:


    Thank you for continuing to spread Gnosis, this is a wonderful lecture!

  • Mindcrime1994:

    That would be Cool, Send Me a Link to the Page if Ya Make One.

  • detersbb:

    It is great to meet another student, besides, of course on the site. I am going to be posting up ALL the lectures, but am just trying to get it figured out how they will be filed on the page. I might start a new channel. If you had any ideas let me know-I am always open to new suggestions.

  • Mindcrime1994:

    Thanx, Been There Many Times Already : ) have Had the Link on My Page since shortly after it’s Creation. ; ) Good to See Someone( Yourself) Posting Info from There. It is an Awesome Site, I Have Studied Many Subjects There.

  • detersbb:

    It was a fantastic lecture and a good starting point to look at the scriptures as more than a history book, but actually an instruction manual for the spirit & soul. Check out their website, it has more FREE information available than I have been able to work through in 3.5 years of intense study.

  • Mindcrime1994:

    Good Upload, Thnx

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