does the kabbalah centre teach true kabbalah even some parts are wrong? what does mean the red string from the tomb of rachel? is the zodiac studied in judaism and kabbalah? do you believe in the zodiac? well I read in an old synagogue they found a zodiac image in Israel? do I have to be jewish in order to study the kabbalah? where can I find true kabbalah if the kabbalah centre is wrong as some say that
it’s Ok the center of the rabbi laitman?

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  • John Roi:

    The Kabbalah Centre does not teach true Kabbalah. It is a commercialized version.

    The red string tradition as we know it appeared in the 19th century and has no validity.

    The zodiac is studied (see Ari Kaplan), but it has nothing to do with telling the future or the planets. It is a symbolic system, indicating something beyond the sensory world and into the emotional, psychological, spiritual world.

    No, I do not believe in the Zodiac.

    No you do not have to be Jewish in order to study Kabbalah.

    True Kabbalah can be taught by a Rabbi. However, if you want to know through the internet, Bnei Baruch is the closest it comes to true Kabbalah. It is a long process of learning however.

  • Rico Toasterman JPA:

    The best way to study kabbalah is to be a Torah scholar first. Traditionally, kaballah masters don’t accept students who haven’t already studied Torah for at least 30 years. No texts are definitive. It is transfered from master to student.

    Like Buddhism, it is said that when the student is ready, the master will appear.

  • kaganate:

    The Kaballah center (the group that all the famous folks are affiliated with)
    is not just comercialised, it is a purposeful fraud.

    I don’t know who rabbi laitman is. If he is affiliated with that group then he is full of it.

    The word Kabbalah means “tradition” and refers to the deep inner expanded practice of the Torah and Mizvot (commandments). As you can therefore imagine, before one can dwell into the deeper meanings, one needs to dwell in the basics — therefore YES one needs to be Jewish and observing of Mizvot before he/she can go deeper into them.

    Note however — the fashion for the “other” and exotic is unnecessary.
    Every culture and religion has a mystical side.
    I encourage you to study the one that is relevant to your culture.

    The red string is not connected to Kabbalah — so that is one giveaway of a fake Kabbalist.
    It is a folk-Jewish custom with no connection to intelectual mysticism.
    Getting a red string can be said to be a good thing as a matter of charity — in Israel they tend to be sold instead of begging. Getting it from a “center” in the US is not a good thing.
    The string from “mother Rachel’s” tomb has a good meaning –
    In Jewish folklore “mother Rachel” is especialy connected to God’s mercy to his people (the image is that her simple weeping to God for mercy is stronger than any reasoning and prayer from Abraham et al).
    So — abandoning the supersticious amulet mumbo-jumbo — the red string can be worn as a reminder of God’s mercy and connection to our ancestors.

    The Zodiac is recognised in Judaism.
    The Jewish scholars at least as far back as two thousand years ago were heavily studying astronomy for the purpose of calculating holidays and other such things.
    They treated the Zodiac the way we do today — as a convenient and picturesque description of the arrangement of stars.
    Ignorant Jews dabled in astrology which they learned from other cultures around them. Scholars and religious leaders tend to frown on it but tolerate it within reason.
    The formal religious metaphoric statement is that Jews are like fish — covered within the waters of Torah they are not seen by the stars, but jumping out of the waters of Torah to reach out to the stars, they are left high and dry.

  • allonyoav:

    Is what the Kabbalah centre teaches genuine Kabbalah? No, it is a scam and a cult, one which has destroyed many lives and families. Phillip Berg is NOT a Rabbi as he caimes, and his PHD is from a mail order diploma mill
    Is the red string from Kabbalah? No- it has no place in Kabbalh and is just a get rich quick scheme hoping that people are gullible enough to pay $20 for a few cents of cotton.
    Is the Zodiac studied? Nope- the stars are NOT seen as having power over us in Judaism- the Kabbalah specifies that as we have free will, the “mazalot” (literally meaning constellations but here referring to the angels that G-d uses to effect changes in the world) have no power over us due to that- BUT, if we place ourselves under the mazalot by using them for divination we loose our freewill and are governed by nature (i.e. the mazalot). For this reason Jewish sources do NOT use astrology as it is an abrogation of our purpose in this world to do so. The only purpose you find the Zodiac being used for is as a calendar marker for the seasons
    Do you have to be Jewish to study Kabbalah? Theoretically no, practically yes. How so? The rules for studying Kabbalah include th fact that the person must not only have full knowledge of the Torah, Mishnah (oral law), Aggadata (parables that teach ethics, morality and sometimes legal principles), Remez (alluded to information from the Torah) and Midrash (oral teachings based on the previous two), but must practice them so that they not only have the necessary pre-requisite knowledge to understand what they learn, but also have the correct behaviour, ethics etc. Since a non-Jew isn’t going t be kkeping all the Jewish laws, they do not qualify to be taken on as students by those who know authentic Kabbalah.
    Is the “Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Centre” of Michael Laitman any better than the “Kabbalah Centre” of Phillip Berg? Nope- it is just as fake and teaches just as much nonsense. On the surface it appeas less money grubbing and dangerous, the reality is that beyond a certain level “voluntary contributions” not made get the person isolated, people get told to seperate from family etc. And like Phillip Berg, Michael Laitman uses the title of “Rav” i.e. Rabbi despite the fact that he has never qualified as one

  • Melkha:

    No, the Kabbalah Centre does not teach true Kabbalah.

    One has to have a firm grasp of Torah before studying Kabbalah, most people who are not Jewish do not understand Torah.

    A knowledgeable Rabbi can teach Kabbalah. Symbols of the zodiac are used in Judaism and Kabbalah. However, the zodiac is not used to be a guide for the future of life guide as most Westerners use the zodiac.

  • YehudaOnYA:

    No. Not exactly.
    The “Kabbalah Centre”, like many other variants that fall of the path, gets the message, but the way on how it teaches the message of Kabbalah isn’t 100%. Also, the way on how it tries to get its members to understand Kabbalah is wrong. In religious Judaism, it can take a man years and years to truly understand the teachings of Kabbalah. This Kabbalah Centre teaches its form to anyone. The red string has a significance (but NOT to Kabbalah), but it isn’t worth the $25 price tag that they have it for. You can get red string for a few shekels in Israel. In Judaism, specifically Sephardic tradition as well (tradition I follow) it’s common to tie red string on baby crib to protect from the evil eye. The significance of red is found in Exodus 26:1. But to say it will bring you luck and fortune is FALSE hope, it’s only tradition. This is a very common practice and Kabbalah Centre understands that and over charges it. The tomb of rachel is significant, but typing some sewing string around it isn’t. To study true Kabbalah, you should be Jewish. It’s not like studying religion, where you can go to a college and study. It involves studying Jewish text and knowing Judaism, aged individuals are usually the ones who understand it. Kabbalah is very known in Sephardi custom, you can contact your local Sephardi congregation to understand more. However, contacting an Orthodox synagogue will steer you in a good direction as well. There is also this Rabbi online or a center that teaches Kabbalah, not sure of the name, I think it’s Rabbi Laitman. What Kabbalah Centre is teaching isn’t directly harmful (there are more threats to judaism out there), however, their use of the name Kabbalah is deceiving.

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