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23 Responses to “Richard Dawkins – The Magic of Reality – Newsnight BBC2 13 September 2011”

  • Rosco9396:

    Go on to all and preach the bananas

  • LewisWatsonn:

    @sarotran “eternal death” you can only die once.

  • skotoseme:

    phenomenal interviewer. he’s playing devil’s advocate the whole time, but you can tell by the nature of his questions that he “gets it,”- and prof. dawkins can tell too, with his retort (paraphrasing): “you don’t actually believe that, do you?”

  • AbdulShaafee:

    [ And say {to these polytheists and pagans etc.}: "All the praises and thanks be to Allaah. He will show you His aayaat {signs, in yourselves, and in the universe or punishments, etc.}, and you shall recognise them. And your Lord is not unaware of what you do."] Soorat An Naml {27:93}

  • jonLukasC:

    have you ever thought that most of the human brain is SOFT wired and that the hard wired parts are mostly vestiges of the very pre modern human past? superstition is not hard wired, its a gap filler when people didnt know any better. Dawkins is not the be all end all in regards to this subject, I guarantee there are other Biologists who have differing views

  • TheEvilOfScientology:

    @koberask Get well soon.

  • leopoldmarsh:

    Nobody worships evolution, you ignoramus.

  • ChainsawVsGod:

    Wow. Seldom do I see comments so utterly devoid or facts, points or sense.

  • DAVROSS44:

    It is ridiculous that people for hundreds of years have been vbrainwashed into believing this garbage over the scientific truth! Get a grip on reality please, for the future of mankind!! Religion is absolute fantasy bullshit

  • sarotran:

    Jesus loves you, Dawkins! Convert to Jesus and He will save you from eternal death!

  • sarotran:

    Jesus loves you, Dawkins! Convert to Jesus and He will save you from eternal death!

  • assassthenation:

    Brilliant! My mother is a biologist; evolution just seemed intuitively obvious to me, no explanation needed. I very clearly remember the first time I ever really encountered the word “evolution,” I must have been 7 or 8, and it was in the context of people not believing in it. I remember being very dismayed that something I’d taken for granted as blatantly obvious was being rejected by anyone; I felt great pity for anyone who could be so confused and ignorant.

  • Grendel1337:

    I’ve read this book to my little 7 year old brother, togheter with the Quran, the Old Testament and the Bible, just to be somewhat fair, and pure from indoctrination.

    After time passed he only wants me to read from this.

  • zaalazar:

    why is it alarming to be a spec in the large cosmos? that’s a perspective… the good or bad level is put by us… unfortunately ppl are too narrow minded that they take all of reality solely based on their personal perception as if no other forms of life existed which is rather ridiculous because just in this planet we have animals, plants, bacteria… which can be subdivided by species… all living different realities… Mr. Dawkins is a bright man on a mission

  • Vicenta78:

    <3 dawkins

  • moviedude120796:

    I do this with my little brother, telling him facts about science, debunking myths he may he have, little by little I hope I get through to him and he’ll releaize one day….

  • SpencerBenedict2nd:

    “Sir Francis Jebbe, the founder of the Jesuit movement.”?????

    Hello, but that’s a bold lie, right from the start! The founder of that “scourge of mankind” called the Society of Jesus (aka Jesuit Order, was Ignatius Loyola.

    Dictionary Definitions
    Jesuit: one of the order or society of Jesus. One of a religious order belonging to the Roman catholic Church. founded by Ignatius Loyola in the 16th century; a crafty person ; an intriguer

    Jesuitical- designing; cunning; deceitful; prevaricating

  • Futureplanet:

    Hey, everyone, can you read the prejudice and hostility dripping from this uneducated fool “SpencerDickHead2nd”?

    He calls best selling professor of biology “blithering fool”. I’d say it must take one to know one. Well done SpencerBoob your words yet again tell us everything we need to know about you.

  • Hektor88:

    I think Richard would agree that science doesn’t “know everything.” As one comedian said, “science knows it doesn’t know everything, otherwise it would stop.” But science does know a lot, and to say any other epistemology is just as good since “science can’t answer X” seems to me to be a bit silly. Can the Dogon tell us what viruses are? or how new species emerge? That epistemology isn’t more valuable than the whole of science just because there is some scientific mystery about it.

  • SpencerBenedict2nd:

    Richard Dawkins is nothing more than a Jesuit shill, out (stephen) hawking his jesuit lies of deceit, in the form evo-myth promotion, to unwary and unsuspecting minds. This all part of the Jesuit Order’s 500 year old quest to undermine the gospel truth of the Holy Bible in the minds and hearts of Man, in order to rid the world of God, to achieve their global despotic reign of tyranny and the utter enslavement of mankind.

    GET A CLUE PEOPLE!! Don’t fall for the Bull Shit.

    Hope this helps.

  • SpencerBenedict2nd:


    Line Up Here To Be Led By The Nose With Hegelian Dialectic Jesuit Bunkum.

    I mean really, could these two old jesuitical chaps make the design of their jesuit propaganda anymore obvious? I bloody well think not!!

    A bit of a joke, now is it not?

    Dictionary Definitions

    Jesuit: a crafty person ; an intriguer

    Jesuitical, pertaining to the Jesuits or their principals and arts; designing; cunning; deceitful; prevaricating

    Jesuitically, In a Jesuitical manner; craftily

  • SpencerBenedict2nd:

    Quote from video at the 1:20 mark:

    “Knocking down “THE SCIENTIFIC ACCURACY” of millennia old stories, isn’t very hard.”

    Ironic that while not only do they admit, in a hegelian dialectic way, that the accounts found in the Bible are “scientifically accurate”, but at the same moment of admitting this, the video shows a wonderful representation of the earths Mid-Atlantic Oceanic Ridge from which the biblical “fountains of the deep” burst forth, causing the historic Global Flood of 2348 B.C. !!

  • divorcecake:

    And all I am saying is that science does not have the answers to every question. It does not have the answer to the Dogon question for example. Dawkins cliam is that science has the answers to every question and is infallible. Infallibility is the trait of the imams and priests that Richard himself criticises. That is why I am very wary to listen and blindly follow anything Richard says to be the ‘truth’. He is a good man, but In my eyes he is just a counter balance to religous dogma.

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