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25 Responses to “[Chpt. 23] Are Atheists Evil?”

  • adlerbr12:

    The prisons are full of Christians and religious fanatics , compared to a very very low minority of atheists , PS Hitler was a roman catholic.

  • papercutpaige:

    I find it weird that you said “Christians like yourself” several times. Few Christians go looking for videos like this.

  • Voodooray007:

    475:1?! what a mess!

  • cowboysrule:

    I cannot invalidate what has yet to be validated. I am simply defending my point of view from manipulated people like the maker of this video. Believing in God somehow gives you brownie points for being a good person in this world. That and the completely incorrect facts on this video is what I’m trying to invalidate.
    I would like you to read the title of this video and read what you just wrote. I am here belittling your beliefs because mine are being attacked and called evil.

  • cowboysrule:

    Men aren’t responsible for wars they simply fight them What’s responsible for a war is the inciting force causing those men to want to fight. Everyone has a different threshold for what they think is worth dying for but religion is always at the top beating out family for some.
    I respect things worth respecting. I don’t hate religions just stupid ones. There are many religions out there with teachings that actually benefit ones state of mind. Christianity Manipulates. That is All.

  • Chabel1949:

    I do not do good because I believe some higher deity will punish me – the God I believe in is a forgiving God. I do good because that is what is natural to me. You have a right not to believe in God, and I respect your right to do that without challenging your belief or belittling it. You, however, seem to feel that you have to invalidate the faith of others who do not believe as you do, in order to validate Atheism. You don’t.

  • Chabel1949:

    “Face it” – it is actually MEN who are responsible for “all war in the world”, so stop blaming religions for it. While it is true that some religious organizations have or have had ‘dirty hands’ in wars, they are not solely responsible for them.

    We should respect EVERYONE’S right to believe or NOT believe whatever they wish, without criticizing and/or mocking them or their beliefs. We do not and should not have to debate our right to believe ANYTHING, so believe what you want and shut up.

  • snowblazer12:

    your English is horrible so is your logic

  • cowboysrule:

    Truth about Atheists: We see reality not fiction. For that reason you will never win a logical argument against me. Because you don’t have the balls to question the beliefs that have been brainwashed into you from childhood. I went to catholic school for 12 years and have been baptized and confirmed. I know both sides of the story.
    The sad part is that you actually need the 10 commandments to tell you whats right and wrong. Do you lack the intelligence to do so yourself?

  • cowboysrule:

    Face it with a few exception (WWI) religion is responsible for all war in the world. Kim Jong Il was not an atheist he believed he WAS a God. Hitler believed he was killing Jews, blacks, and homosexuals in the name of the Catcholic God. Most African dictators are avid Islam followers, Napolean killed millions= restored catholic church in France.

  • cowboysrule:

    Oh and as for evil? Here’s the difference between me and you. I see a man drop his wallet I pick it up and give it to him because it’s the right thing to do. Because I would like that done to me.
    You do it because you are scared. You are afraid that there is some higher deity watching you and you will burn for eternity if you don’t. Even your positive actions are based on fear. You call that morality?
    I do good because it’s right. You do it for your own selfish agenda. You’re scared to burn

  • cowboysrule:

    Thought I’d leave this here because you are a retard.
    “I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord..” -Adolf Hitler
    Straight out of his book mein kampf. Find me any better info on his religion because this quote is out of his AUTOBIOGRAPHY.
    Here is atheism in a nutshell. This dumbass put pictures and music together with no facts. I read it know it’s bullshit and find the truth.

  • myfatcat16:

    Well Atheism isn’t a faith, it’s just an acceptance that there is no god. So you can’t be inspired by an acceptance and deep down knowledge (of not believing). Atheists are some of the most influential thinkers, philosophers, scientists, inventors and doctors. Atheism isn’t a religion. It’s like saying “When did knowing Santa Claus didn’t exist inspire any one” It doesn’t. Bad, or good. It just doesn’t. Believing in God is like believing in Santa. Good behaviour = selfish rewards

  • gato123452:

    I know but I am saying since when does Atheism inspire anybody to do bad things or good things or anything.

  • myfatcat16:

    It inspires me that my life is my own, and the people around me are amazing because of THEMSELVES. If a surgeon saves my loved one from dying, I wouldn’t say “thank god” I would thank the surgeon for reading his books, staying in school, going to uni, and trying. To me, we only get one life, no heaven, no hell. So be the best person we can be whilst we are here. Music, art, intelligence, sports, love, beauty, dance, all of those inspire people. God is not a necessity for inspiration.

  • gato123452:

    Since when does Atheism inspired anyone to do anything?

  • J0nnyCArr:

    look at the end of the day religious people have done evil and atheists have done evil things u wanna no why……coz were all human were a violent nasty immature power hungry animal who will 1 day destroy are selves and the planet we live on

  • rexrabbiteer:

    Here’s one of many for you, Nero was a roman emperor who prosecuted hundreds of christians for being just that. good day

  • rexrabbiteer:

    the cult of what? if you dont mind me asking

  • Kathycupcake233:

    Hitler was auctually involved in the cult witch is a religion

  • slurrrpee:

    I want to move to Canada

  • AMomentOfClarity2011:

    top marks for such a clear and concise video.

  • ChristopherWachtler:

    emmm Switzerland isn’t really Atheist friendly… I’m Swiss and an Atheist…. but Religion doesn’t have as much power as in other places..

  • mandrillx:

    Hitler was declared christian and grew up in a strict roman catholic family. Hitler even appoited a special ss unit to look for christian religious artifacts(spear of destiny,holy gral, arc of the covenent etc ) he thought it would make him and germany Invincible..It shows how deluded he really was.

  • mandrillx:

    actually, hitler was a roman catholic,and was so deluded with egomania that he said he believe he was doing gods work by destroying the jews and other inferior races.(but we all know he just usedthe jews as scape goats)

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