3 Enoch is an Old Testament Apocryphal book. 3 Enoch purports to have been written in the second century CE, but its origins can only be traced to the fifth century. Other names for 3 Enoch include “The Third Book of Enoch”, “The Book of the Palaces”, “The Book of Rabbi Ishmael the High Priest” and “The Revelation of Metatron”. Most commonly, the Book of Enoch refers to 1 Enoch, which survived completely only in the Ethiopic language. There is also a 2 Enoch, which has survived only in Old Slavonic. Content Modern scholars describe this book as pseudepigraphal, as it says it is written by Rabbi Ishmael who became a ‘high priest’ after visions of ascension to Heaven, 90 AD – 135 AD. Rabbi Ishmael is a leading figure of Merkabah literature. The name Sefer Hekhalot (Hekhalot meaning Palaces/Temples), along with its proposed author, places this book as a member of Hekalot/Merkabah lore. Its contents suggest that 3 Enoch’s contents and ideas are newer than those shown in other Merkabah texts. The book does not contain Merkabah hymns, it has unique layout and adjuration. All these facts make 3 Enoch unique not just among Merkabah writings, but also within the writings of Enoch. 3 Enoch contains a number of Greek and Latin words. This book, unlike 1 Enoch, appears to have been originally written in Hebrew. There are a number of indications suggesting that the writers of 3 Enoch had knowledge of, and most likely read, 1 Enoch. Some points that appear in Enoch 1 and Enoch 3 are

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