The battle with Asch

25 Responses to “Tales of the Abyss BOSS BATTLE Vol.7”

  • janlukky:

    this tatic is kind of boring yet fun to watch
    getting the boss knocked around
    great way to do a no damage tatic

  • borntobehyper1557:

    this strategy mostly works all the time
    boring, but very effective when following it with light spear cannon and radiant howl
    use it all the time XD

  • Terestrasz:

    Boring…But surprisingly, it actually is quite effective. I juggled him around like that for a few minutes and then I just got bored.

  • MattAlchemy:

    My version to saying this:

    Luke falls and his allies go WTF as Asch says”The door opens if I use this spell. Only one of us can go, we will have to see who’s stronger by fighting.” and of course you cant continue until you win. which is forced to make you be the stonger one.

  • kingkillerluigi:

    yeh its the opening theme song!

  • Lzerg233:

    Great Strategy Never let the opponent attack :)

  • Tails2Link:

    Your dumbass comment from that month ago is stupid, THINK BEFORE YOU SAY SOMETING! MORON!

  • Flegan777:

    I know your idiotic comment is from a month ago, but if you haven’t played the game, shut up. tales2 is a respected veteran Tales gamer who has never once cheated.

  • superpig66:

    Hey i’m back and also to get to lv 200 you would have to get the grade shop option ’10Xp’ plus to get 1993 encounter’s it isn’t hard… train…go to batical battle arena and did you even see the amount of gald he had….duhh he had 6,045,124 mil. gald. so don’t say stuff you can’t prove learn to be smarter. and i’m talking to u pokemon9008.

  • MisterDynamite:

    It may be repetitive, but who cares, really? It’s about efficacy, not about which combo is the flashiest. If something works, use it. Sound strategy, if you ask me.

  • superpig66:

    Pokemon9008 your dumb when i mean dumb i mean it cause he could’ve been somewhere training real hard and plus there are several ad skills that boost exp duh if you play the game longed you’ll understand plus to get all status up you need herbs DUHHH =B

  • Jaystar89man:

    ¬¬ This is sucky, i was expecting a good battle not “Ho hi ho genjo!” over and over again…. Lame style dude, not to be mean but that seems SOOOO boring to do to me.

  • curch:

    dude your doing cheap moves

  • beman9:

    u forgot about tales of destiny 2 in ps 2 tales of eternia ps1 tales of destiny 1 in ps1

  • JawanaBons:

    wow lvl 200

  • marthpimperoni:

    wut level is this?? hard?

  • marthpimperoni:

    u got hit and u tried so hard lol

  • Jdawg926:

    jesus thts cheep

  • auranthro:

    The boss is not dumb. The game is not easy. The game is not dumb. Best of all of the Tales series so far.. and tied with Rebirth in my opinion. The only reason Ashe seems easy here, is because Tales2 is a master, and level 200 here (10x Experience file.) Ashe has more HP because he is on Very Hard, to my knowledge.. and the reason he keeps using Light Spear Cannon is because it keeps him in a stun chain.. its a smart way to take on Very Hard. The video is meant to be a feat, not beautiful.

  • thebuddybud:

    well, now that i have the game, and i posted that comment 6 months ago, i’m well aware of that

  • dryanlx:

    haha you got hit when you tried not to.

  • evilken4000:

    ru use something isee your power 9999 ru use game shark or something!?

  • kyrsten411:

    they play tag sometimes!lol -o- ha ha ha

  • glagy7777:

    Yeah! get som new moves!

    But still dam good

  • salomon999:

    Yup, TOS was full of cliché, but I had way more fun with it O_o

    Abyss was full of potential ;o;

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