Your assignment for lessons 1–3 is to create three 100–word journal entries in the voice of characters other than Elie. You should select characters that are aware of what is happening. For lesson 1, interesting choices might include Elie’s father, mother, or Moishe the Beadle. Moishe the Beadle is an important person to Elie in the first chapter because of their mutual interest in Kabbalah, a system of Jewish mysticism.

Criteria for each journal entry:

Each entry should be written in first-person narrative voice and assume the persona of the character in speech and tone, using clues in the chapter to create this persona.
The minimum length of each entry is 100 words. If you cannot find enough to say for one character, you may write journal entries for two different characters, as long as you clearly label each entry.
Each entry should represent the character’s perspective toward specific events that he or she observed in the chapter. You may integrate the comments of your character with short passages from the text, as long as you identify the passages with quotation marks and include the page numbers in parentheses.
Each entry should also indicate the character’s perspective on his or her interactions with Elie or observations of Elie’s behavior or condition.
Use the “Grammar and Style” tool in Word to check for errors.

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  • Melisa M:

    For each of the lessons you need to write as though you were one of the other characters. For example if writing from the perspective of Elie’s father, “I came home from work today to find Elie praying… blah blah blah” I don’t know the story that you’re reading, so I can’t be more specific! But just pretend you are one of the other characters and write about what Elie is doing.

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