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I mean, what is your opinion on this as an ancient work of science?

I find it interesting… and to me it kind of dispels the belief that religions do not have any science..

there is science in it… though it might not qualify into the definition of proper science today…

my point being… there was a lot of science in ancient traditions both in the west and in the east… though they were overshadowed by the dogma…

here’s a link to the tree of kabbalah:

your opinions? thanks…

I’ve had my kabbalah bracelet for over half a year now. It’s homemade & It was pretty sturdy… until today. It accidentally snapped, and I don’t know what to do. Is there any thing I need to do? Or can I just trash it?
I’ve had my kabbalah bracelet for over half a year now. It’s homemade & It was pretty sturdy… until today. It accidentally snapped, and I don’t know what to do. Is there any thing I need to do? Or can I just trash it?

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I’m sorry to everyone who’s already answered my question. When I said “trash it” I meant no disrespect. I was just a bit upset when my bracelet broke, and I wasn’t thinking at all while I was asking the question. Again, my apologies. I’ll try to fit my bracelet the best I can.

I am trying to understand the Kabbalah religion a little better.Where would I look to practice and learn more.?And what is the purpose of the seven knots?

i want to know about the secrets of ancient kabbalah…

Are they the circles on the Ohr?

It says the Kabbalah believes there are 10 parts to ”god”.
It’s not flawed clearly it shows there are 10 in the Ohr, and god does not have to be capitalized it is just and only a word, I see the christian god as any other deity, such as the hindu gods or islamic ones baha’i, shinto, wiccan, etc…they’re are just like any other gods, they don’t do anything for people except give them false hope during their life.

I don’t know what does it say in bible to follow as good christian/catholic
but if the serpent lead us to eat tree of knowledge does it mean that
god doesn’t want us to know this? Or does it mean we should not study
the kabbalah? or it is forbidden? i mean is it sin to study?? or learn
such things??? please let me know
Thanks Holiue…..i agree with the heart of christ that to have faith is more important than knowledge , then the knowledge should come after the faith you put on jesus christ or mary the savior of us…..i am still not christian nor catholic but i believe it should be in the heart of people even it is very hard to do such things…..i mean people can abuse knowledge in some way but still it is great to learn about new things, given it is not dangerous …to l earn such things

Neither Christ nor any of the 12 Apostles were thinking that the Crucifixion was “good news for mankind.” (more context on my biography)

So if they all return, who would like to step up and tell them about the “good news?”

I understand that it’s built of 4 levels of existence, or of 10 spheres, and that each level or sphere has its corresponding angel. I don’t fully understand the concept, as you can see, and would be glad if you could help me there.

7 Kings: Leo – Cancer – Gemini – Tauros – Aries – Pisces – Aquarius

5 Kings were: Leo – Cancer – Gemini – Tauros – Aries

King is: Pisces

King will be: Aquarius

4 Beasts: (as in Daniel): by Mediterranean Sea to North we have Leo – Lynx – Ursa Major – “Constellation with 4 alternative Polaris during the 7 Kings: Snake – Boote – Drake – Ursa Minor”

7 Angels: Sun in the centre, Polaris into North (by Est to North), Syrius into South (Abaddon or Apollion), Fomalhault, Aldebaran, Regolus & Antares into 4 equatorial cardinals

4 Horses: Constellation of 4 Equatorial Cardinals = Aquarius in the East – Tauros in the South – Leo in the West – Scorpio in the North

Woman & Dragon: Virgo by West to Equatorial North & Drake by Polar North to West = Optical Effect of Overlapping of Constellations

Lynx: Constellation of Lynx near the Ursa Major as will be eaten

Horn of Lamb and Voice of Drake: historical moment in which during the Aries the Polaris was Thuban in the Drake

Lamb = Aries

Start = Lion of “Giuda” = Leo

Finish = Son of Man = Aquarius

During = Sacrifice of Lamb = Sacrifice of Jesus (Ichthys = Rised on Easter when there was the passage by Aries sto Piscis, the Giona’s Sign, the Sign of Love, with Water, the Pisces Element, using for Baptism )

Hearth Reverse = Magnetic Reverse = the Eight King is the same of the first, Leo, when East & West will be changed

10 Horn: 10 Sephirot

Lastest 3 Horn: Strong (Guevurah) for Jewish & Love (Chesed) for Christians, when the horn will be broken than will born another, the new level of Kabbalah, the Intellect (Binah)

Aries = Strong = Moses Law
Pisces = Love = Jesus Death
Acquarius = Intellect = Homo Trisapiens (New Evolution)

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