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A virus or plague or something?

I have been studying it for months and I still don’t understand if they believe in a God and if so who? Please help!!! Is it bad to study Kabbalah and believe in Jesus? I guess I am still a Catholic, but I love Kabbalah and it has made me a more positive man.
Never mind. I contacted the Kabbalah hot line and they informed me that Jesus Christ taught Kabbalah and and that was what he had been studying until his death and resurrection. So I guess I am following in his footsteps.

Explain by the characters in the story …thank you i will really appriciate it

I mean this seems like the safest bet. Whatever thought, temptation, idea, or anything others say, ..test it. don’t accept it. Try to see if there’s truth in what is said, against God’s word, and if it deviates from God’s word, then you know that it is not of God.

Didn’t God do that against the devil even, by talking back to him using scripture from the Bible?

This seems to truly be one of the only ways to combat the great evil that surrounds us today.

Please list examples and solutions! Thanks! :)

The Leviathan is mentioned in the prayer for saying farewell to the Sukkah and I was wondering what is the story behind this?

Can someone please explain Kabbalah to me please?
I know a little bit but not alot.
10 points to the quickest and best explained answer!

hmm. yeah i thought the deal was he’d do whatever you’d want him to do — like a robot.

I am writing a report on the practical kabbalah, I have done a lot of research but some things don’t seem to make sense, I need a general overview on what the practical kabbalah is and how it influences today and the following doctrines summed up:
1. The Nature of the Supreme Being
2. Cosmogony or the Creation of the Universe
3. Creation of Angels and Man
4. Destiny of Angels and Man
5. The Nature of the Soul
6. The Nature of Angels, Demons, and Elementals
7. The Import of the Revealed Law
8. The Transcendental Symbolism of Numerals
9. The Peculiar Mysteries Contained Within the Hebraic Alphabet
10. The Equilibrium of Contraries

Where would be the cheapest place to purchase a normal Kabbalah wristband, preferably for United Kingdom delivery. Your help will be greatly appreciated :)

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