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Kabbalah is sort of a Jewish way of looking at the Bible. It interprets codes ingrained in the Hebrew wording. Proof that Kabbalah exists:

-Many hidden prophecies contained have come true. one example is 9/11. Many of you will ask “why doesn’t God come forward and just tell us about it?” My answer is one of Asimov’s laws, detailed in Foundation:
1. A prophesy will only occur if the vast majority of a population doesn’t know it will occur.

-Jews have sometimes used Kabbalah to, basically, ask God to kill people they don’t like. One example of this is Ariel Sharon. They cursed him and a few months later he had a stroke.

Thoughts, ideas, opinions?
RW, there are plenty of hidden prophecies in the Bible. if there were none, then people wouldn’t study Kabbalah. Makes sense to you?/ Probably not.

As for the law, I just put that in so people wouldn’t ask me the question detailed above.

And you’re right, Kabbalah is not a way to ask God to kill someone, I just wrote that to be basic.
Crimsion, if you had read my first sentence, you would see it clearly say that “Kabbalah is sort of a Jewish way of looking at the bible.” It is both. And I think I do understand, considering I am Jewish.

If you’re Jewish, then your religion is Judaism/Kabbalah? Im just not too familiar with it, so please shed some light, tnx :)
so there are jewish people who believe in the kabbalah, and there are those who doesn’t?

basically, Kabbalah, Judaism, & Jewish people are in one circle, is that it?

Jews use the Kabbalah,
Hindus have their systems,
Same with Buddhists, all these religions need a system to work magick.
Do muslims have a magick system or a book from Allah or a book divinely inspired to contact Allah or his angels?
if so, which book is it?
if not, how do they do it?

If you call me an antisemite I will block you.
Funky Bird – You did not answer the question.

With the great appreciation. Please your opinion was Jesus Christ basically teaching Kabbalah?
If yes in what concept?
What do you think about manuscript written by Iscariot who says he was chosen by Jesus to be theater?
Regards, Zviad Ekizashvili

I am interested in mysticsm and ceramonial magic, but i wish to stay clearly in the christan and jewish areas, not that i have any dis like for wiccans or satanists, but i rather stay close to my one god and they can have their gods. also would it be good for me to talk to a jewish rabbi when i go to portland some time and see what he has to say? any insight would be nice.

and yes i know the Kabbalah is Jewish.

Just wondering since the books not in the bible become mystical texts…….

first of all sorry for the bad english & the bad grammer.

i just found out about kabbalah last night.

you may be from any religion but your way of understanding of God should be base on reality & be guilded by Kabbalah.

Mankind have failed too proof God existent through religions since few thousand years ago, not all humans know to use their Five senses as ONE (in fact more confusion is created by religions which cause them to split to more religions). can Kabbalah help Mankind to understand God better, through the reality proven way within us & lead us to the same ONE TRUE natural God?

ONLY the TRUTH will lead you to TRUE ONE God the Creator. Quran, Old Bible & other Holy Books do actually tell the TRUTH. with Kabbalah the TRUTH is linking you to God the creator without doubt if you inderstand it. if you dont understand kabbalah, dont force yourself to understand God yet (may lead you to total mental blindness). time will come when the TRUTH will get you closer to understand God the Creator. seek only the reality TRUTH.
strangely my way of understanding toward God, Universe, Lives, Elements, Force of Nature are similiar as kabbalah even before i see the kabbalah explaination in you tube.

everything seen to fit in ONE. the One God Creator, the Universe, certain religions Truth, Holy Books Truth. SOME of Myth & Legend that are told from mouth to mouth are also True happening (minus some exargeration which is normally added).

the secret to the True One God the Creator is….input of TRUTH.

you will never find God without the TRUTH.

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