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stories I have heard from people differs. Has anyone had any spiritual encounter or anything spiritual happen to them and how sure are they about this not any thing ordinary that was blown out of proportion by the mind. Cos sometimes I could swear heaven and earth that I saw someone or something if I didn’t have a second look.

I have heard the expression, “Jewish Soul”. What does it mean?

I don’t know non-jewish people can or can’t practice Kabbalah.. I am a catholic and I want to practice Kabbalah or at least to know from jewish sources , well as a christian.. I want to know.. I want to know what parts to know and what part not to know.. if it’s possible because Kabbalah center is so far away from my country mexico.. well I am in mexico on the south.. thank for your answers.. I know there is a city region called safed where Kabbalists live there
is the Kabbalah a secret or mysticism?

All that I have ever heard about Kabbalah was publicity from Madonna and Britney Spears. But I am honestly interested in this religion and I was wondering whether or not someone can shine some light on the religion? It seems pretty interesting and fascinating from what I have heard.

Wow; thanks for the info guys. I had no clue. I still find it interesting, but I think that I am going to try something else. :)

If so, was it good, bad, neither?

What did you like? Not like?

Would you go again? Did you?

parents, here’s a little survey for you:

- If your child is in school, do you know who they sit next to at lunch?
- Do you know who your child’s home room teacher is? (if they are in middle or high school)
- Can you name three singers, artists, or bands that your child (or children) listen to?
- What’s your child’s favorite website?
- Have you seen your daughter’s myspace pics? Not the myspace address she gave you, her other one?

Kabbalah-Jew tree of life-Tiferet (middle) through security in Homeland. I know what it means though!
Kabbalah-Jew tree of life-Tiferet (middle) through security in Homeland. I know what it means though!
I sincerely believe that is an extension of the Zionist hope for world domination through the use of their ‘puppets’ in the American government and the use of the Homeland Security Act. This secret program is using the mind/thought control of the Phoenix Program instituted for use VC; now in the United states to reduce the population of ‘useless eaters’. was established thereby from the Zionist American government for these ‘useless eaters’ to get what they want and to harass others in order to distract from the main agenda.

Does anyone know a website that sends out free red kabbalah string? Everything else charges for it. I know nothing is for free, but the the religion is not supposed to charge for “holy” things. Or so they say. If anyone knows of a site please let me know. Many thanks!
Im just reading abt different things and different religions. Has nothing to do with Hollywood. like to educate myself I guess. Cant hurt. ;) p.s two moons tonight at 12 30 central time!
I have that its an just an old traditions real or not I think its still interesting. I like validation as well and thats why i was looking up to see how many people sell them because i was told that if people try to sell them then they are scaming you because they are against materialistic things and would never try to sell you something holy? I have been reading things based on Reb Chaim Vital teachings over at

Do you see things the way you want to see them, thinking wishfully?
Do you see the world the way it is and think realistically?.

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