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Question about Kabbalah
The religon that is rapidly growing in Hollywood, Kabbalah….. Does it have anything to do with the hebrew word Kabbalat meaning seperation?

Im not talking about illuminati im just curious because i believe their are and i believe its a certain ethnic group too

I need to write a paper about what Astrology is in Kabbalah

I am not realy speaking about the Jewish religion but the practice of Kabbalah itself

I am feeling really meaningless right now, I don’t know what to do after highschool. I live day to day hoping for a change. I’m just wondering what some ideas to get out of this state and do something purposeful

Help me wade through the confusion of the flower of life, tree of life, tree of knowledge, tree of good and evil, seed of life, sacred geometry etc. It’s confusing.

Kabbalah says anything that consists of protons and electrons but i dont believe that a packet of crisps can have a soul…

This is a question that you can answer if you know anything about Kabbalah in a first place. But I’ve read a little of what satanism is and it sounds kinda the same as Kabbalah “you’re god, responcible for your own actions, etc,etc…” Except, in Kabbalistic philosophy, you shouldn’t live by your fleshly desires or for your selfish ego, but rather take control over these things, which in this case is more simmular to Christianity. What do you think?

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