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like a musican, or athelete, or artist, actor?

True or False?

I’ve recently started studying Kabbalah, but I’m unsure on some of the practices.
For example, if I have given the Evil Eye in the past, should I apologize for it, or just start with a clean slate?
Also, is there anywhere that shows you how to tie the wool? I know it said you should have 7 knots all together, but I would feel better if I could see a picture, so I knew I hadn’t messed up.

Thanks so much!!!

Hello, can you tell me a little bit more about the Kabbalah Center in NY,

how to become a member, is it free?

What about the Zohar books, can we read them in English in the Center.

What else do you think would be relevant to let me know?

How do I go about finding the right one for me? How do I look for one?

Someone I trust told me, this concept came during the time women where being raped by the Crusaders,or something like that.

Dont understand!! also whats the Talmud?

or which kind of people in the judaism can study kabbalah? is there kabbalah for people who aren’t jewish? what does mean astrology in Kabbalah or judaism?

I’ve heard that there are scriptures in the bible that talk about how homosexuality is wrong, probably better known than the other factor: I keep hearing about other scriptures that disprove that entirely and I was wondering if it were true & where I could find them.

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