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Was he more of the rabbinical judaism standpoint, the mystic, or both? I have read mention of him regarding kabalah and orthodox writings. More notabaly regarding The part which “Akiva is said to have taken in the Bar Kokba revolt cannot be historically determined. The only established fact concerning his connection with Bar Kokba is that the venerable teacher regarded the patriot as the promised Jewish Messiah (Yer. Ta’anit, iv. 68d)” – Wikipedia

I would think that God is a very intelligent being (if he exists). He would want you to take action and not just ask him for help. What do you think?

I am home sick and i have to pretty much stay in bed! I am so bored! Please answer soon!! I don’t want to sit around and t.v. all day or on the computer.

Would like to hear your comments if you think they should separate the two or keep the two together?

No, seriously, why do these people become broken. We know many of them commit crimes, or get fat and ugly, or overdose, plus many of them are stupid. Rachel Ray is fat, Nicole Ricchie is in jail, and there are many others that are just not where they should be. Why do we even let these people become famous if this just keeps on happening. If we’re goning to keep these people, I say we fix them, and pre-arrange their marriages to prevent them from getting divorced all the time. These people need serious help: mental, emotional, and physical from all of these temporary mariages, eating disorders, false religions (scientology, kabbalah) spoiled lifestyles, and drug abuse we keep on hearing so much about. No wonder why people view our country as depraved and wrong. If we’re goning to fix our image, then we might as well fix our celebrities. Please suggest what we can do to help them. Let’s call everybody and have them operateon each and every body part, like the machines they are.

Is it possible for the ordinary individual to lead a spiritual life without taking part in ceremonies and ritual?

What do the teachings of Kabbalah say about homosexuality?

All I know about it is that British guy, David Icke and his “theory” that all of the worlds politicians and monarchies are actually weird alien reptilian people sent to conquer the human race. Sounds like a bad science fiction move to be honest.

I’ve read the legend of Lilith, just I didn’t like the part about her killing babies and birthing demons. But just so you know I am not anti-feminist. I grew up with five sisters and I’m the only boy in the family. I kinda don’t like the mythical Lilith but it is because of her stealing babies from their cribs, and I know my mother would be terrified if any of her children were kidnapped.

I have to do a paper on how W.B Yeats poem is related in or significant to schizophrenia in the book The Center Cannot Hold by Elyn Saks, I need help:P

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