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Ein Sof is the nothingness beyond rhythm the rhyme. Is it similar to Buddhism concept of Enlightenment?

I have to write a paper for Sociology 101. I cant think of what to write…help

I read Victor Frankl. He was in nazi germany in a concentration camp and started to philosophize to the others to try to be motivational. His text is Truly motivational but i find that if i go a few days without it a sink back into ‘why should i live?’. i’m not suicidal, just wonder ‘whats the point’? My dad used to say he tries to find things to look forwards to, and the thing he looked forward to most was sport.

How do you motivate yourself?

I’M NOT ANOREXIC OR PLANNING TO BE ONE. Please do not be confused and think I’m stupid or crazy or need help or something. I’m just curious. Yes, it’s a strange question, but, again, just curious. So I know anorexics wear red bracelets. What do they look like? Who sells them, or do you make them? (Wondering who sells them because I want to know what kind of store would promote a life threatening disease??)

Not saying it’s right or wrong, but just something I noticed. I think it’s kind if a trend amongst those crowds..

Takwa but forbidden to share with Others ?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to be glorified by humans who actually know who they’re worshiping? Devout Christians don’t know if they’re worshiping Buddhism’s God.

is there a better way of understanding the tree of life/kabbalah, where did it come from

do yo practice kabbalah, what for?

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