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did Jesus use this term (or its Aramaic equivalent) before performing each miracle?

Like, when we are in the spirit world, a disembodied spirit, how do you think it is we become born? Is it a gift that we earned for being enlightened or is it a punishment, or merely a way to learn for spiritual growth? What are your thoughts on the matter?

have embraced this esoteric system?

I would appreciate any answers.

I notice that my friend and I do little things at the same exact time, for example we’ll scratch our face at the same time. One time we were both sitting in my car and we open the door at the same time for no reason at all. We both the have the same taste in the opposite sex, we like the same kind of music….and so on..

Notice I said “Hebrew” Bible. I am not interested in the Christian Bible (NT) nor Christian interpretations of the Hebrew Bible.

Please mention examples.

what is your personal opinion and view and Judaism’s general view of the Psalms??
@Aravah: I agree. I just feel some Jews primarily gear towards the Pentateuch and dismiss the Psalms, Proverbs etc. Not that it’s bad or anything, but reading the entire Hebrew bible would be more fit.

War, disease, psychological distress, prostitution, murder, rape, perversion, i could go on and on, why fellow christians?

I also see them wearing a lot of jewelry with little glass eyeballs. I’m curious but haven’t ever had an opportunity to ask casually. Thanks!

In my heart I know that God exists but on the surface it feels like God doesnt exist. I don’t feel his presence. Does that make sense?

What do you call that?
I mean like, their atheist, but believes their some god somewhere out their.

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