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What is Madonna’s religion Kabbalah mean? I know she used to be a Roman Catholic, but what is Kabbalah? Is it almost the same beliefs?

and what is the difference between shabbat and shabbus?

what is kabbalah? and it’s kabbalah center and bnei baruch kabbalistic places for learning? I have read them but I find for example I wanted to know if there are special psalms for health or looking for a job in judaism? or something like that? I want to know where can I learn kabbalah from internet?

@Hatikvah JPA In reading about HaShem, I see that the difference is that the letter ‘K’ is used to obscure the sound of the name as not to take it in vain..
So in Judaism, HaShem has many names so as to describe his attributes and not just one name? As in 1 Chronicles 29:11? I was always under the impression that because there is one Elokim that HE has one name

I have to do a presentation on Kabbalah and I am looking for a general research paper on Kabbalah as a starting point. I am incredibly interested in learning more about it. If you could be of any help please let me know!

I have already done a lot of research on the internet so if anyone has a research paper, presentation, and or collaboration of research they could possibly email me ( that would be very helpful!

I read in this commentary about the Book of Revelations that the number 666 is the number used to represent the Messiah.
Correction: not the the Messiah, but a Messiah.
I’ve read Revelation enough.

What kabbalah is? how can I learn Kabbalah? how can I find the holy book of Kabbalah?
I would like to learn kabbalah and to find for free kabbalah.. because I was sad to know the kabbalah center is buying books.. I really want to know. but I was thinking the religion was for free.. not for selling to the people..

well I was thinking to find free books about kabbalah from the jewish sources..and the explanations

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