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could a few of the jewish people here fill me in on their views on kabbalah i have a good understanding of many of its concepts and understand that it is suppose to be a mystic branch of judaism is there truth to this
I have been studying many of Israel Regardie’s works and yes not interested in the mainstream junk at all can anyoner recommend some good traditional texts /authors also

guys, i know a lil’ about many religions of the world and i often hear KABBALAH associated to Judaism, can i know from anyone, what actually KABBALAH, is? is it about creation or about the contemplation of god?

I want to know because I’m 15 a girl and gay.

Read a article that Modanna visited the Jewish Leader today and will be visiting ‘Sacred kabbalah Sites’…I’ve done a yahoo search but so far haven’t found any list of KABBALAH sites. Please help…give the URL’s so i can click them or copy paste so I can go the the exact page you have found. Thanks again
Im not asking for your politics…or thoughts on Madonna, Im asking WHAT R THE sacred sites of Kabbalah? What are they, where are they and give information to back it up. Thanks again

Can you wear an Evil Eye Bracelet and the Red Kabbalah String at the same time?

I just read Rosie O’Donell’s new book and apparently she has converted to it too…What is the draw for celebrities?

Madonna, everybody knows that.
Did I spell that right? Why won’t answers give us spell check? It’s too much work to check ourselves.

Anyway what’s the best book to learn a little about Kabbalah?

can someone give me a brief description, and let me know what is mystical about it?

I have been studying kabbalah for about 5 yrs now it really has changed my life :)

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