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Can anyone tell me more about it?

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Would people find it interesting or would it be pushed over in favor to books that deal with more contemporary issues?

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I am interested in learning more about it. Can you recommend a book for me? Preferably a book that discusses how it plays a role in real people’s lives, not merely an academic briefing on it. I’m sure there are plenty of websites on it, but I spend enough time on the computer as it is and would like an actual book to read that discusses how Kabbalah is put into practice in every day life. Thank you.

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Hi.. I have read about Kabbalah from Kabbalah center but I found out some websites they say that center it’s not good, I have been reading but I dont find information from Jewish sources.. I would like to know if you know websites, I want to know what kabbalah is? and how to learn it? it’s kabbalah a sect in the judaism? does kabbalah believe in another concept of God? how kabbalah sees the Bible or torah? how to be part of a Kabbalah group? do you need to wear a red string in the Kabbalah for protecting from the evil? how is kabbalah meditation? thanks for answering my questions.

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Is Kabbalah like Judiasm? Im confused! I am into angelology and feel that i want to convert to Kabalah, do i have to cnvert to Judiasm too and if yoes what does it involve please?
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