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any good websites of kabbalah for learning? what’s the meditation on kabbalah? the judaism and kabbalah are the same thing?

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I added another post on how idont think there is a god even though my parents are religious,People recomended sprituality but even in that theres things that are just not right,for example the differences between scientology(tom cruise)Kabbalah(celebritys also) How spiritual are they if they run from peoples money and celebrity advertisingg. ANy feedbac would be great IIm open to all comments and suggestions.

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Scrappy, you are just the type of person who drives people away from Christianity. How can you say someone doesn’t truly believe in Jesus, Just because someones Morals and principles are not ideal to you. How do you know that it wasn’t gods plan to put people in different sects? What if certain people were destined for it?

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learn and to practice.. this branch of the judaism.. plz tell me more about it… and rituals.. I knowww kabbalah follows the OT..

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I mean I’ve read every psalm has a function for every thing for example the first psalm it’s for the night prayer or for the business something like that could you explain me more? plz if you know or if you have any website about the psalms and the usage of these prayers? thanks

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