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The music on this video by Greg Seiler “comatone” here is his link great muso, send him a few bucks for his hard work. thanks There are powerful messages coming out of 2010′s CC’s I would heed the warnings. please visit Cropcircleconnector and the links below for other interpretations and information. Steve Alexander Please support people who have worked tirelessly advancing the human race with this phenomena. thanks to Lucy Pringle Freddy Silva and many others who are working on this project. nb, I made a small error with the date in the beginning of this film, it is meant to read 12th not 13th June.

English/Ingles: Thirty-seventh part of the videoguide of this game. Kratos puts all pandora rings so that the beam of light activates the mechanism and then emerge the great statue of Zeus to continue its journey. Enjoy it ^ ^. Watch in High Quality (HQ): Spanish/Español: Trigesima Septima parte de la videoguia de este juego. Kratos coloca todos los anillos de pandora de tal forma que el rayo de luz active el mecanismo y haga emerger la gran estatua de Zeus para continuar su camino. Disfrutarlo ^^. Verlo en Calidad Alta (HQ):

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Russell Bourke’z Hydrogen Detonation Mono~$troke 4~Cycle Co~Operative Twin Die$el Engine, or Two~$troke 8~Cycle has Pi$tonz that KUN’T be melted. Check ‘z which needz because it iz OUR OUR FiR$T Billion~Dollar Crop of ‘da OLD Legal~Tender … USDA 1942 World~War Two movie “Hemp for Victory” … but a NYLON CA$KET & cement canoo ? ☠✿☮❀ Pot Shrinks Tumors; Gov Knew in ’74 THC slows 3 cancers – lung, breast cancer & leukemia @ ~ “Mice treated for 20 consecutive days with THC and CBN had reduced primary tumor size.” The 1975 journal article doesn’t mention breast cancer tumors, which featured in the only newspaper story ever to appear about the 1974 study — in the Local section of the Washington Post on August 18, 1974. Under the headline, “Cancer Curb Is Studied,” 5 Back~Flips on Jet~$ki = THROTTLE RESPON$E ? Ayuh & ☠✿☮❀ Pot Shrinks Tumors; Gov Knew in ’74 THC slows 3 cancers – lung, breast cancer & leukemia KNOW YOUR CHEMISTRY was Russell Bourke’s Fir$t Que$tion for ALL $keptics. Ever $een & = Mini HYDROGEN BOMB Engine & Hydrogen NEED$ Oxygen. Lot$ of Oxygen & Le$$ Fuel = $old in 1954 & in 1957 Russell $@!d ‘da Parts, Repair & Ga$oline Indu$tries Will NEVER Like thi$. It is TOO0o

Lady in White, 1988 Movie. Starring Lukas Haas, Len Cariou, Alex Rocco, Katherine Helmond, Jason Presson, Renata Vanni, Angelo Bertolini, Joelle Jacobi, Jared Rushton, Gregory Levinson, Lucy Lee Flippin, Tom Bower, Jack Andreozzi, Sydney Lassick, Rita Zohar.

Newsnight BBC2 13 September 2011 original upload by TreVelocita

Science : Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge based on the scientific method, as well as to the organized body of knowledge gained through such research.(wikipedia).

Spirituality :”devotion to metaphysical matters, as opposed to worldly things.”

Where they meet? How can be unitied in one theory?

Or what? ( agnostic but I like the idea…it sounds scientific)

Please Read In Full. Website Downloaded off of: Audio Lecture Link: Transcription Lecture Link: Book Store: Gnostic Teachings Forum: Donations: Gnostic studies delve profoundly into the meaning of the scriptures by exposing, publically, and for the first time the tools needed to understand the language in which the scriptures are written. Without mastery, which takes years of intense studying and meditation, of these tools (Kabbalah, Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot) aspirants to the straight and narrow path fall into division, and cling to THEIR interpretations, THEIR doctrines, and THEIR dogmas. Much anger is directed to those who question or reject THEIR interpretations, doctrines, and dogmas. History repeats itself as establishment and fundamentalists will reject these teachings as Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes rejected those of the Christ. Mastery of Kabbalah, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and knowledge of the meanings of the sacred Hebrew letters will cut through this ignorance, unlock the secrets held for centuries within the scriptures, and give the much needed guidance to the seeker. The narratives of the doctrine are its cloak. The simple look only at the garment-that is, upon the narrative of the doctrine; more they know not. The instructed, however, see not merely the cloak, but what the cloak covers. –The Zohar To you [the disciples] it hath

ブネイ・バルーフ カバラ教育研究所: (日本語) (英語) マイケル・ライトマン博士(Rav Michael Laitman, PhD)が、人生の目的と意味を発見することの必要性と、なぜこの願望が私達の生きている現代に現れているのかについて説明します。 日本語字幕あり

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