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The principles of the primary Kabbalistic diagram, The Tree of Life, and how it can help in self-understanding and spiritual development by Maggy Whitehouse author of five best-selling books on Kabbalah and metaphysics.

The next in a weekly series of 10 minute topics teaching about various topics within Judaism. This week’s topic is: Sephardim Jews. The Sephardim are the descendants of the Jews who were disbursed as slaves and exiles from Israel by the Roman Empire. Once the Roman Empire dissolved, the descendants of these Jews migrated throughout Europe. Many of them settled in Spain and Portugal where they thrived until the Spanish Inquisition and Expulsion in 1492 and the Portuguese Inquisition and Expulsion in 1497. Sources: Jews of the Middle East ( Sephardi Jews ( Cuisine of the Sephardic Jews ( Sephardi Music (

The ultimate battle with super sonic and super shadow

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Justine Shapiro’s journey through the Holy Land begins in Tel Aviv where she joins the Israeli population celebrating the start of Shabbat. Traditionally Friday night is spent with the family, but Justine finds there’s a thriving clubbing scene in Israel’s capital. The first leg of her journey takes her north of Tel Aviv to the holy city of Safed where she learns about Jewish mysticism and spends time working with other travelers on a kibbutz near the Golan Heights. When Justine arrives in Jerusalem, it is the beginning of Easter and Passover. She follows the way of the cross and observes a Bar Mitzvah ceremony taking place at the Western Wall. She then journeys on to Hebron, capital of the Occupied West Bank, which is under curfew due to terrorism attacks. She meets a young Arab student who explains about life for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. Justine is taken on a tour of Masada, Israel’s most spectacular archaeological site and learns to abseil in the stunning Judean desert. She crosses the border into the Sinai Desert and buys Bedouin veils and a keffiyah at markets in Al-Arish, before venturing south down the coast to Sharm el-Sheikh. Here, Justine scuba dives in the Red Sea amongst some of the world’s most brilliant and amazing underwater scenery and meets travelers in tents along the beaches of Dahab. Justine takes a camel trek with the Bedouin people and enjoys their famous hospitality in a small tent community. She ends her journey at Mount Sinai, the

What are the views of a progressive (liberals & feminists) towards human sexuality and spirituality?
What are some dilemmas on human sexuality and spirituality?

I need to do slides about relationship with god/torah, history of key sacred texts, jerusalem, nation of israel, different sects, sacred practices and holidays, and judaism today, thank you so much. I will have to site to use information as reference, much appreciated.

I would like to spend 5 days in Egypt.

Every occult organization, has one ultimate aim, with a slight variation in their philosophy, from the New Age movement, to the Kabbalah, to Freemasonry, and may others. All these occult societies are ultimately based on the Kabblah, the Tree of Knowledge, or the Tree of Life. To sway humans into the worship of other humans(ie Jesus), worship of knowledge, or worshiping one’s self, and declaring divinity. These are Satan’s special and close companions amongst the Jinn, and humanity, whether they realize it or not. Divinity belongs to no Human, or Jinn, it only belongs to Allah(swt), God Almighty, Lord of the worlds. – Perceiving Reality uses Kabbalah’s definition of the ego – “the will to receive pleasure” – to found the answer. It’s not that having a will to receive pleasure causes clashes among us. It’s that the intention for which we use this desire is aimed at pleasing ourselves. Transforming our intention is the work in Kabbalah.

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